Awesome news

I spoke with my publisher. I’m hoping that you guys aren’t sick of me yet, because there are going to be a lot more books coming out over the next few years. :) 

I’m happy to say that in the future you will see the following from me:

1. A sci-fi/post-apocolyptic/steampunk collaboration trilogy with John Ringo.  (but you guys already knew about this one)

2. The next two novels with Mike Kupari in the Dead Six series. Swords of Exodus and Project Blue.

3. Much more Monster Hunter, including Monster Hunter Legion, Monster Hunter Nemesis, Monster Hunter Guardian, and Monster Hunter Omega.

4. More Grimnoir Chronicles, including book 3 of the trilogy, Warbound, and two other stand alone novels set in different time periods.  1908 and 1859.

5. An epic fantasy trilogy. I can’t say too much about this one yet, but it is excellent. I’m loving the universe. I grew up on epic fantasy and this will be my first foray into the genre. It is a big, sprawling world, filled with violence, intrigue, slavery, religious fanatics, and one really mean ocean.  

6. A stand alone sci-fi novel about a reality TV show where teams of contestants compete to overthrow a small African country. More will be said about this one later.  Super Author John Brown said that this one is the most interesting pitch he’s ever heard.

Basically, I’m booked for the next 8 years. Figure 2 books a year with other shorts and so forth. It is nice to never have to say that you’re bored. :)


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