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4 Comments on "An interview of me on Writing Action"

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5 years 14 days ago
Larry, I wanted to thank you for doing the conference call for Farland’s Authors Advisory. I missed it due to phone difficulties on my end, but I immediately downloaded the MP3 (those guys are great about getting ’em posted quickly) and I really enjoyed your comments. I had one question that wasn’t addressed, and I wondered if you might be willing to answer it here or else on your blog if you have any time. I understand if you don’t have any time as you mentioned you’ve got ten novels in the queue right now (holy crap, that’s amazing, and… Read more »
5 years 12 days ago

In this interview you said Dan Simmons was awesome, but you only liked some of his books. Which ones would you recommend.

5 years 11 days ago
Thinking of a specific friend is definitely a good idea for character development and voice. “Set piece” sequences: I think missions fall under this category, to look at it from a military perspective. More often than not, my characters are bringing the fight to the bad guys, so they run missions. I also agree very much with the idea of the characters driving the action. Pacing is tricky. I worry about pace even when writing e-mails. However, I learned a lot about pacing by reading Tintin graphic novels. Herge paced each scene to make you want to turn the page,… Read more »