Signing at Powells in Beaverton tonight

I’ll be at Powells in Beaverton Oregon, starting tonight at 7:00.  Today we manged to visit most of the book stores in the Portland area. I found the Danner factory outlet store and spent $500 on several pairs of blemished size 15 goodness… Because when you have feet like mine, you buy every pair of shoes you can find.

Also, my wife has decreed that I can no longer refer to Beaverton as Beaver By the Ton. (which in my defense, I only did every single time I saw Beaverton on a road sign, which in her defense, was a lot). See you there tonight.

Also, when driving around downtown, Portland’s college student pedestrians are far too hip and urban to look both ways before crossing the street. Looking both ways is soooooo lame… I think I might have run over Scott Pilgrum.  Meh… Oh well. 

Up next, Seattle. Signing at the University Bookstore on Friday night.

Monster Hunter Alpha eARC available NOW!

I’m still on mega-road-trip-super-tour, but I just found out today that the eARC for Monster Hunter Alpha has been released for your reading enjoyment.

The next signing is at Powells in Beaverton Oregon Wednesday night starting at 7. See you guys there.


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