Ballad of Monster Hunter International

Yes. I have a ballad. There is an MHI song now. Recorded live at StellarCon:

Performed by Baen’s Slushmeister Gray Reinhart and filmed by Tedd Roberts.

I’m back from North Carolina and trying to play catch up. I’ll post more as I can.

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  1. You should totally incorporate this into a novel. MHI!

  2. Now it should be set to metal.

  3. SWEET!!!!

    I *so* want to learn to play it. :D

  4. This cries out for a cover by Ted Nugent.

  5. *Facepalm*
    Now comes the roadies and groupies! The long dive into utter depravity (After the album comes out and goes platinum after the European tour!) staying up past 8:30PM, long swigs of Mike Hard Lemonade, the Tylenol and Motrin run free, and the smoking of cheap swisher sweets cigarillos! Oh the humanity!

  6. Thanks, Larry — hope you like it!

  7. Most excellent

  8. Gray Reinhart: the original frontman for Cabbage Point Killing Machine.

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