Delay on patches

If you’ve got MHI patchs on order from me, don’t worry, you’re not forgotten.  I ran out a few weeks ago after thinking that I still had another box of them. I put in my order but something got messed up. So if you’re waiting for patches it is going to be another 2-3 weeks before they get to me. Sorry.

Some worthy charities

I’m posting the following links for you guys to check out. If you are looking to do some charitable giving, here are a couple of suggestions. They are good organizations and I’m posting them here as a favor to a friend:

Look, I found a hat that fits! or Correia, P.I.

My new hat enables me to channel my inner Jake Sullivan. The 1917 I’ve had for a long time, but it increases my Grimnoir street cred.

As somebody who has published a novel set in 1932, it was downright criminal that I didn’t have a proper hat. How can you write about the time “when men wore hats” if you don’t have a proper hat? Problem is, I have a ginormous head. I’m like an 8 3/4 or 9, which is about the same diameter as a bowling ball. But last week I finally found a fedora that fits my enormous head!

My wife thinks it is odd that I’ve been wearing it around the house and reffering to her as a “classy dame”. Since I was wearing my suit this morning to go to church anyway, I felt the need to put on my new hat, grab my S&W 1917 (which is the only period correct handgun I’ve got currently), and had my daughter take a picture with my iPhone.

When somebody finally makes a Hard Magic movie, I’m going to demand that I get to be an extra.

Authorpalooza this Saturday in Sandy 

This Saturday, from 1-3 at the Sandy Barnes & Noble will be the annual Authorpalloza book signing event. They are going to have something like 40 authors there, including me.

From the flyer:

Brandon Mull, Aubry Mace, James Dashner, Kim Williams-Justesen, Jessica Day George, Frank Cole, Jillayne Clements, Heather Justesen, Sydney Salter, Ben Behunin, Ronda Gibbs Hinricksen, Wendy Paul, Mike Knudsen, Ted Gibbons, Sheralyn Pratt, Cheri Chesley, Nick Sarkady, Randy Gibbs, Marilyn Bunderson, Lisa Mangum, Alan and Jason Bellows, Frank Salisbury, Rachel Renee Anderson, Stephen Gashler, Vickie Hall,  Larry Correia, Phyllis Gunderson, Kristen Landon, Allen Bostrom, Michele Bell, Nancy Temple Rodrigue, David Smith, Shawn Bucher, Bobbie Pyron, and others!!!

Who wants to make their own MHI patches?

Remember the patch contest? Click here to see the awesome creativity of the Monster Hunter Nation, as they designed MHI patches for their home areas.  I’m going to be doing another one of these in the near future.

There have been several people that have asked me about making their own MHI patches for everything from gun clubs to RPGs. I’m all in favor of it. I’m not sensitive about my logo being used for anything noncommercial. All I ask is that you send me photos to stick up on the blog.

That said, I recently found out that somebody I’ve known for a while has started a custom embroidery company. She recently did a small run of some custom MHI patches.

Hopie said: The first group of MHI approved patches that Crooked Stitch Creations made
was for Jeff Macklin and the people of Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Emergency Response
Team) who hail from Eastern TN.  They have an annual Zombie Shoot-up every
Halloween and now will totally be geared up tight!

Hopie does good work, she’s awesome, and I recommend her. Here is her contact information.

Crooked Stitch Creations, Custom Embroidery

Hopie Lopez-Boyett, Head Thread Pusher

You can find my fan page on Facebook listed as Crooked
Stitch Creations or go directly to my ETSY
<>  shop.

Email any questions to

I’ll be doing another patch contest so that another fan created patch can go into Monster Hunter Legion. When I do, I will put Hopie’s contact info again if anybody wants to go ahead and get their made.

For the record, Hopie’s husband is a member of Reader Force Alpha and looks suspiciously like David Spade. In fact, when we were in Vegas together, along with Mike Kupari, we were often mistaken for James Gandolfini, David Spade, and Bender the Robot out for a night on the town. (EOD techs are often mistaken for robots, because EOD uses robots in their job, and both are often intoxicated).

Mr. Correia does not like paparazzi

My front yard, HARD MAGIC reviews, autographed copies, upcoming signings, and the ARC

To start out, my wife got a new camera for Christmas.  She’s getting better at this photography stuff. She even made me look pretty decent.


Oh, and to make you all jealous, this picture was taken in my front yard. I grabbed it off of her Facebook profile, so it isn’t as high res as before. So even as cool as that looks, it doesn’t do it justice.


You don’t want to move here, though. The crime is out of control. The yard moose are everywhere.

I’ve got to tell you guys. One of the hardest things about being a writer is that first few days after a new book releases. You sit there, biting your fingernails, checking the internet every few minutes, and it is much worse when the new release is something different from the books you’ve released before.

Officially, The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic doesn’t hit store shelves until May 2nd. However Baen loves putting out advance eBooks, so early that they haven’t even gone through the final edit yet. (typos, yay!) The eARC hit last Friday, so ever since then I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what everybody thinks of my new series.

Well, early reviews are coming in.!/notes/nathaniel-thoburn-fitch/the-grimnoir-chronicles-hard-magic-review/498280298802

Looking good. I didn’t know if the market was ready for noir/pulp/alternative-history/fantasy/action with blimp fighting, hard boiled detectives, demons, teleporting magic ninjas, Cossack fighting bears, samurai, Tesla super weapons, John M. Browning, Teutonic zombies, and profane squirrels.  What genre is this? Heck if I know. The more I think about it, the more I like the term “Diesel Punk”. And yes, somebody wears goggles.

If you want an autographed trade paperback or one of the limited number of hard covers, go here:  

The ARC is available for download here:

In other news, I’m doing a signing at the Sandy Barnes & Noble this Saturday from 1-4.  It is the annual Authorpalooza and there will be something like 40 writers present.  I know Brandon Mull, James Dashner, Jessica Day George, and Paul Genesse will be there. Last year they stuck me in outer darkness next to the maps and geography books. Which kind of sucked since I was the 2nd best selling writer there that year. Oh well. Hopefully this year they will move me up to someplace that has some traffic, like by the bathrooms or something.

Coming up after that, I’m going to LTUE again. I’m on six panels. I’m doing one on action by myself, and I’m teaming up with Super Author John Brown again for a new version of Stories that Rock. That’s February 17-19 at BYU.  I’ll post my schedule when it gets closer.


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