Just for fun, casting Grimnoir thread on WTA

For those of you that have read the ARC, here is a spoilerific thread where people are casting who should play who in a hypothetical Hard Magic movie.


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  1. Hi Larry,

    The top post at that link mentioned MHI/MHV casting. Where is the link for that? :-)


  2. http://wethearmed.com/index.php/topic,4930.0.html

    There it is. We got it all hashed out. Now all we need to do is force a movie company to abide by the WTA choices!

  3. I dunno, I’d like to nominate an alternate Chairman: how ’bout Chairman Mark Dacascos? When he’s not chairing Iron Chef America, he’s done some pretty badass acting roles… and has done martial-arts in real life, so has the moves to back it up.

  4. LOL- too bad we can’t ‘influence’ them…

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