Autographed Hard Magic preorder, mega tour, ARCs & more

Okay, first off this has fallen off the first page of the blog, so it is time to bring it back. If you want an autographed copy of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic you can order them now from Uncle Hugo’s here.  I’ll do personalizations too. Uncle Hugo ships to APOs and out of the country.

Next up, I’m going to StellarCon next week as the special guest, so if you are in NC, come by and say hi.

The eARC for Hard Magic is available from Baen, and take a look at these reviews. Not too shabby. :) Plus you can read all the sample chapters at the link.

In May I’m going on a mega tour. I’ll be starting in Minnesota, then kicking off 2 weeks across the whole western half of the US.

April 30 – Uncle Hugo’s Minneapolis, MN

May 3 – Layton Utah B&N

May 5 – Poisoned Pen, Scottsdale, AZ

May 6 – Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA

May 7 – B&N Huntington Beach, CA

May 8 – Dark Carnival, Berkely CA

May 11 – Powells, Beaverton OR

May 13 – University Bookstore, Seattle WA

May 14 – Aunties Bookstore, Spokane, WA

May 15 – Hastings, Boise ID (and if Mike Shaffer is reading this, I still need to get ahold of your indy store in Boise)

0 Responses to Autographed Hard Magic preorder, mega tour, ARCs & more

  1. Nick Sharps says:

    Stupid west

  2. John says:

    Excellent, I’m planning on meeting you in Portland.

  3. moose1942 says:

    Which Hastings? We have a few of them. Or the Indy store might be cool.

    Store: 9822-Boise
    Boise, ID 83706

    Store: 9813-Boise
    7500 FAIRVIEW AVE.
    Boise, ID 83704

    Store: 9817-Boise
    Boise, ID 83709

    Store: 9759-Meridian
    Meridian, ID 83646


  4. moose1942 says:

    Forgot to ask will you have a hardcover by the time you make it to Boise? Or I guess I could order one from Uncle Hugos and just ask that you don’t autograph it until the book signing. *shrug*

    • correia45 says:

      Moose, I’ll post more as it gets closer about the location. Wherever I’m doing the signing should *probably* have hard covers.

  5. Melody Byrne says:

    Yay! Spokane is now on the list. Don’t need to drive to Seattle!

  6. Ray McCune says:

    Only one spot visit to the darkest, eastern US?

    Join the Dark ‘East’ side, Larry! You know you want to. We have ice cream. And cake. You like cake, Larry.

    Free cable and HBO?



    Dam…lost him at cake. Stupid diet.

  7. the Northwestern Diamondback says:

    Have to hope I can get a carpool into and out of the Shitty on the 13th… man, I freakin’ hate downtown Seattle!

    Which location of University Bookstore you gonna be at? This is gonna be an Off-Broadway production getting there for me, and I wanna make sure I get to the right place.

    Have any times set yet?

  8. RainyDayNinja says:

    What are the chances of you stopping in Eugene, Oregon? I notice some gaps in your schedule between Berkeley and Portland, and as your (un)official TvTropes curator, I demand an autograph!

    • correia45 says:

      My wife is from that area, so we’re going to be taking a little time off on those days. :) I haven’t looked at the map enough to know if we’re driving through Eugene or not yet.

    • LepusKhan says:

      Hey thanks for keeping up on the TVTropes page, btw, RDNinja. Really enjoy it. For those of you who haven’t checked it out, go to (NOT .com) and type in Monster Hunter or Larry Correia.

  9. Molson says:

    I’m holding off on ordering, as I want to stop by to meet you at Uncle Hugo’s. But rest assured, I am definitely getting a hard cover one way or another :)

  10. Eric says:

    Hey Larry the uncle hugo link has a certificate error.

  11. Chris-Tex says:

    Hey Larry, contact the folks at Murder By the Book in Houston. It’s an independent store that does a lot of signings and they promote a lot of modern fantasy/noir. Be nice to have you down our way some time.

  12. Ladyfox says:

    *cries* No Northern California Bay Area stops? Granted, I’m a bit biased on this but why does SoCal get all of the love? I mean, cheaper guns, all kinds of shooting matches, better ranges, and even easier time getting ammo. All we get are nuts like Gavin Newsom, high rent, and Apple. :P That aside, you keep writing books Mr Correia and I’ll keep buying them.

    BTW, any chance of seeing your books in digital format for iPod like thru Baen books?

    • correia45 says:

      Yes, you can get books for your iPad now from Webscriptions. Once you buy it you can download it in a whole bunch of different formats.

  13. Julie says:

    Are you going to be at Conduit after all that?

  14. Ted N(not the Nuge) says:

    Wish I could be in MN to see you, but…. Army.

  15. T.L. James says:

    What? No Denver stop this time around?


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