Some worthy charities

I’m posting the following links for you guys to check out. If you are looking to do some charitable giving, here are a couple of suggestions. They are good organizations and I’m posting them here as a favor to a friend:

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  1. You bet, Larry.


  2. Both are great causes honoring our military bomb techs. Unfortunately the civilian memorial in Huntsville doesn’t have a website yet.

  3. Well speaking of charities, my favorite is Smile Train . They are the number 1 cleft plate charity in the world and the work they do is so important, it literally changes lives. I know in the US we think of cleft palates and just a deformity, but in many third world countries they are seen as having a curse and completely shunned from society. They can’t go to school, marry or get a job, and all of that can be turned around from a simple surgery that is just $250 each time. If you are looking to get involved with a charity, Smile Train is an excellent choice!

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