Tanya, Princess of the Elves: The REST of the story

The entire Tanya story has been published over on the Baen page.  I continue the epic saga of a young trailer park elf and her quest to be more like Elvis Presley. Will Tanya ever realize her dream of becoming a Hunter? Why do orcs like talk radio? Why won’t bacon stay crispy in milk? FIND OUT!


Baen recently revamped their page. Each month they will be releasing an original work of short fiction there. I sold two stories to them.  Tanya, Princess of the Elves, and The Grimnoir Chronicles: Detroit Christmas. Both of which came out great in my not so humble opinion. They are pretty big too. With Tanya being over ten thousand words and Detroit Christmas being over 12K.  Basically I’m incapable of writing anything short.

I hope you enjoy reading Tanya as much as I enjoyed writing about her.

REMINDER: Post on the previous blog post if you want an autographed copy of Hard Magic!


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