Super Authors Super Mega Book Signing Tomorrow. Super!

Tomorrow night from 6-8 at Sam Wellers in SLC, I’ll be doing a book signing with a whole bunch of bad mamba-jambas of the writing world. Including:

Tracy Hickman

Eric Flint

Kevin J. Anderson

Rebecca Moesta

Brandon Sanderson

Dan Wells

Jessica Day George

Brad Torgersen

Eric James Stone

Mary Robinette Kowal

Some dude that looks like James Gandolfini and has written some books about monsters, another one about the 1930s only with more dirigibles, and a thriller about some guys doing stuff in the middle east with lots of expolsions, or something.


As in there are probably others that I don’t even know about. There are a bunch of best sellers on that list. So come on down to Sam Wellers book store in downtown Salt Lake City. Inevitably when I go downtown I get accosted by crazy homeless people, so a fun time will be had by all!


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