HARD MAGIC eARC available NOW!


SQUEEEEeeeee! That link will take you to Baen’s Webscriptions. The Electronic Advanced Reader Copy has just been posted for download.

For those of you that don’t know, an eARC is something distinctly Baen. On books where this is a lot of demand, they will release a super early electronic version to read off your computer or to download to your Nook or Kindle. You guys want to know how early this is? I just got my PDF printouts to check for errors and typos TODAY.

eARCs are more expensive ($15) than a standard Baen eBook ($6), but you get it several months early. So if you’ve been itching to read the rest of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic, now is your chance to get an early peek.

Oh, and of course you totally have to post here to let me know what you think of it. Try to avoid spoilers for everybody else.  :)

EDIT: Once you read it, please post honest reviews on the Baen Webscriptions page and also anywhere else, blogs, tell your friends, graffiti, etc.  Thanks!

Autographed HARD MAGIC! Order now!


Here is the ordering page for Uncle Hugo’s.  You can order your autographed copies of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic now!

And to answer the FAQs

1. It is available in hard cover ($25) or trade paperback ($15)  The trade is the big sized paperback. There is only a single limited run of a couple thousand hard covers available. Originally it was planned to just do the paperbacks, but the hards are by popular demand. When they are gone, they are gone.

2. I’m doing personalizations. So if you want something other than just my autograph just note it on your Uncle Hugo’s order. That was nice of them to offer to keep track of that.

3. They ship overseas and to APOs.

4. I will be doing a signing in person there on April 30th from 1-3.

Here is the previous blog post where I got a head count. They ordered according to my headcount plus extras for their locals and then some, but please if you posted there that you were going to get one, don’t stiff them.


I’m on the Lars Larson show Friday night


It is a nationally syndicated talk show. They are on something like 200 stations. I’ll be on at 8:30 EST Friday night.

Lars read the Pajamas Media interview and wanted to talk. I found out this morning that the PJM page was also linked to a Wall Street Journal post. Groovy. That thing has got legs.

State of Correia

Many people have asked me if I’m going to Fisk last night’s State of the Union like I did last year. If you will recall, it was an epic.


Sadly, listening to that much nonsense in one sitting took a year off my life. I couldn’t bear to subject myself to it again. Plus I’ve got killer deadlines to write things that actually pay me money. That’s okay though, let me summarize the State of the Union for you:

We’re boned.

Okay, moving on… Oh, wait… You want more? I don’t know, it was something about how everything is going to be just swell, because even though we took government spending to the highest levels ever, it’s cool, because after we took spending to new highs, we froze it there.  Yes. That’s the answer. Because if I have an annual income of $50,000, but I spent $75,000 each year for the last few years, and now I’m in huge trouble, the answer to my financial woes is to freeze my spending at 75 K, because… Hell, I don’t know why. F*** fiscal responsibility is why.

Then there was something about everything was going to be okay because of subsidized Green Jobs. You see, Green Jobs are the answer to our woes. (so awesomely profitable that they don’t exist!) That is kind of like wishing for unicorns to save us, but hey, whatever floats your boat. If Obama had told us that the economy was going to be okay because he’d just got an awesome deal on some magic beans in order to grow a bean stalk and then he was going to pay down the debt with golden eggs, that would be more believable than Green Jobs.

Remember everyone, only government spending can stimulate the economy. Just not at Lockheed, because screw those guys. What would we ever need more than a handful of F-22s for? It isn’t like any ambitious nation is going to try to match our military capability any time soon—

Crap. Never mind.

That J-20 Chinese 5th generation stealth fighter there was paid for by a couple days worth of interest on the money we borrowed to subsidize the development of the Chevy Volt. Hooray for Green Jobs!

The State of the Union is just spiffy though. Gas is $100 a barrel and rising fast, but we’re not allowed to use our own resources. Ken Salazar recently ruined the economy of eastern Utah with stupid new regulations and screwing the oil workers. But I digress, because why would you want to stimulate those kinds of jobs?

At least there wasn’t any heated rhetoric. Heaven forbid. I don’t know why anybody should be upset or angry, anyway.

Enough of that depressing crap. Now back to the real writing. I’m currently working on Dark Ocean, the second book in The Grimnoir Chronicles.  I’m pumped for you guys to get to read the first one, Hard Magic. It comes out in May. I’m getting the proof pages this week, so we should have eARCs available shortly.  Seriously, it is an excellent book, and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased.

By the way, ordering info for autographed copies from Uncle Hugos is going up soon, and by popular demand, I’m going to be doing personalizations on request. Because that is how much I love you guys. (and even more, that’s how much Uncle Hugo’s loves you, because they’re going to keep track of all those as the orders come in).

I’ve got 4 books coming out in 2011. Hard Magic in May, Monster Hunter Alpha in August, Dead Six in October, and Dark Ocean in November. I’m going to LTUE, StellarCon, ConDuit, WorldCon, DragonCon, and I’m doing a 7 state road trip book signing. All in all, I’m traveling to 11 states for book stuff. (Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Minnesota, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina) Plus I just got back from doing an event at SHOT.  

Then I’ve still got a few books to write along with John Ringo, two more with Mike Kupari (Swords of Exodus & Project Blue), Monster Hunter Legion, Monster Hunter Nemesis, two more Grimnoir novels, and then I’ve got a couple of standalone projects, and other very big and very exciting stuff that I’m not even allowed to talk about on the internet yet. Dang, I am busy.

My family is awesome. Kids are in a good school now and not surrounded by hooligans. I live in the mountains where the air is clean. We are woken up by avalanche cannons and have yard moose. I have a custom 10mm personally blessed by the Motor City Madman coming. By day I help keep F-16s in the air and by night I get paid large sums of money to (as my Mom puts it) tell stories and make crap up. Life is good.   

The State of Union might suck, but the State of the Correia is doing just fine.

Hey look, I’m on Pajamas Media

http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/is-science-fiction-getting-more-conservative/#comment-822313  I did an interview with mega-blog Pajamas Media. They also talked to Jerry Pournelle, Orson Scott Card, and Tom Kratman. Apparently I’m the optimistic one. :) Check it out.

EDIT: Because I’m a professional writer that can’t spell. :)

Back from SHOT!

I got back last night. Wow, what a show.

I was invited to be a special guest and do a book signing at the STI booths. For a little background, back when I was in the gun business I was a huge STI geek, and ended up being their 3rd biggest volume dealer in the country. Their sales guy at the time, Rabbit Boyett, has since gone on to become STI’s marketing director. (you may have seen Rabbit’s name pop up in the Thank You section of MHV).  So, since other gun companies were brining in their own fancy bestselling novelists, the boys from Texas figured that they knew one of them fancy bestselling authors too!

I already had a Perfect 10 on order from them. So since I was going to be there anyway, the staff at STI went above and beyond to build an awesome custom gun to have it in time to display for SHOT. Turns out that I’ve got a bunch of fans on staff. Special thanks go to Chris Schirmer, head of QC for putting in a ton of work. (and he is totally getting red shirted in Monster Hunter Legion)

Behold the AWESOME:    



I wish I would have taken more detailed pictures at the show, because this still has to go back to Texas for some finishing touches. Wait until you see the crown. The fit on the end of this thing is the best that I’ve ever seen. Super pistol smith Mark Morris thought it was nice. It also has a second fitted .40 barrel. Since the breech face is the same, I can swap calibers in a minute.

STI makes amazing pistols. Absolutely amazing. My Tac 4.15 makes me look like a much better shooter than I actually am. There is a reason that among the top shooters in the country, most of them either run an STI or get sponsored by somebody else so they can’t run an STI even though they’d like to.

The book signings went well. I sold 100 of the books I brought and signed a bunch more that people brought with them.

I got to meet all sorts of cool folks.


And Uncle Ted personally blessed my new custom 10mm as being “awesome”.  Plus it got fondled by some of the top shooters in the world as they came through the STI booth, so hopefully their mojo rubbed off on it. (Note, if you bite a top competitive shooter you DO NOT gain their powers!)

I found a bunch of other cool products. I’m going to be checking a few of them out in the near future and posting about them here.  

That is the actual Model 29 from Dirty Harry.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but at some point I ended up wearing a pirate hat and a live parrot.

Now it is back to work. I’ve got a couple hundred e-mails to respond to, and Toni has sent back some edits she needs me to make to Hard Magic. Then back to Dark Ocean. Busy times!

Tanya, Princess of the Elves: The REST of the story

The entire Tanya story has been published over on the Baen page.  I continue the epic saga of a young trailer park elf and her quest to be more like Elvis Presley. Will Tanya ever realize her dream of becoming a Hunter? Why do orcs like talk radio? Why won’t bacon stay crispy in milk? FIND OUT!


Baen recently revamped their page. Each month they will be releasing an original work of short fiction there. I sold two stories to them.  Tanya, Princess of the Elves, and The Grimnoir Chronicles: Detroit Christmas. Both of which came out great in my not so humble opinion. They are pretty big too. With Tanya being over ten thousand words and Detroit Christmas being over 12K.  Basically I’m incapable of writing anything short.

I hope you enjoy reading Tanya as much as I enjoyed writing about her.

REMINDER: Post on the previous blog post if you want an autographed copy of Hard Magic!

Who wants an autographed copy of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic?

It is almost time! So I need to get a rough head count. Hard Magic will be out in May. For those of you that don’t know, this is my alternative-history/epic-fantasy/adventure/pulp/noir/diesel-punk extravaganza. No BS, but I honestly think it is the best thing I’ve ever written.

When Monster Hunter Vendetta came out last year, I decided to steer all of the Monster Hunter Nation (i.e. you guys) that wanted autographed copies toward a store that reported to all the bestseller lists. We used Uncle Hugos because they were the bookstore that introduced me to Baen to begin with.

This turned out to be a Win-Win for both of us. MHV was the #1 bestseller and MHI was the #3 bestseller for them for the year. The large number of books sold at such an important indy store in one week helped boost me in the rankings enough that I ended up on the New York Times bestseller list.

So we’re going to do it again, only this time, we’re going to do it better.

Last time the books were shipped to me, I signed them and then I shipped the books to Uncle Hugos, and then he shipped them to you. Because of shipping times back and forth you guys didn’t get them as fast as I hoped. So this time I’m flying to Minnesota at the end of April and signing them all in person. Once I get back from Uncle Hugos, I’ll be spending two weeks doing signings in Utah, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, and Boise.   

If you’ve not read the sample chapters of Hard Magic, the following link will take you to the first seven for free. Check it out.


What I need from you guys is to please post here to let me know if you want autographed copies, and how many you want of hard cover, and how many you want in trade paperback. Remember, there will only be a single limited run of hard covers, so when they are gone, they are gone.  Originally we were only going to have a trade paperback release, but it was becasue of the success of MHV that they squeezed in a run of hard covers too.

The trades are probably $15 and the hard covers are probably $25.  Please post how many of each kind you want in the comments below. Please be honest so we can get a good count, and if you know any Correia fans that don’t check this blog, please spread the word.

Thanks. -Larry

EDIT to clarify some questions.

1. Uncle Hugos ships to APOs and out of the US, no problem.

2. I will be doing a book signing at Uncle Hugos in person for the locals.

3. I will post again here when we are ready to start taking orders. It will go through their shopping cart and I’ll provide a link. Don’t worry, I’ll spam it across the internet. :)

4. There should be an E-Arc of TGC:HM, but I don’t know the date. They are doing the final typesetting and sticking the artwork in currently.

Baen-May-2011-Hard Magic Sell-Sheet[1]



Hooray for HATE MAIL!

Awesome! It is hate mail time! It has been awhile since I got some hate mail, so I was beginning to worry that I have become inoffensive and meek. If I’m not offending somebody, then I’m failing. Luckily, a moon bat happened to read my thread about why right wingers are so filled with hate. http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/understanding-media-or-why-are-you-right-wingers-so-filled-with-hate/ As usual, the guest is in italics and my response is in bold.


It’s really telling that the author of this unhinged spittle flecked rant

Yep. Filled with boundless rage. That’s me. I’m kind of like the Incredible Hulk of fantasy novelists.

immediately cast the shooter as ‘left wing’ yet spends most of this angry rant supposedly upset when people on the left do the same thing, trying to assign blame to the right.

Uhm, I do believe the entire point was that your side STARTED IT. To be fair, I believe I spent most of the post discussing how he was a nut more than anything. But don’t let your lack of actually reading my blog post stop you from pontificating on it.

If you want to play the blame game, fine, let’s do it.

Yes, but your side does it so much better.

How many liberals talk about the gold standard? That’s straight up tea party, Ron Paul nuttiness.

Actually, the only people I’ve heard that really take up that issue are the Libertarians rather than the Republicans. I kind of fall between the two, because I’m registered as a Republican only because Libertarians can’t get elected to county dog catcher.

How many liberals talk about the ‘illegitimate tyrannical government? That’s pure Alex Jones paranoia.

Yes, I’ve not heard anyone on the left use those terms since… Well, 2008. Oh, and after the elections in 2004 and 2000.  

You see how easy it is? It doesn’t help the matter at all.

You are right. The most helpful thing to do is blame Sarah Palin.

No one said Palin is responsible for this shooting,

It was only insinuated by the New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, the Democratic Underground, a dozen senators and congressmen, and the sheriff that failed to prosecute the killer on earlier violations.

or at least no one worthy of paying attention to.

Looking at the above list, pretty much.

People are saying that Palin and many on the right have been using excessive language and rhetoric for a few years now, and while unrelated, it’s not something that should be done in a civil society.

As long as we are a free society, there is no such thing as excessive language or rhetoric. You should be able to argue for what you believe however you want. And when you lie about it, you should be called on it and made to look like a fool.

Let me try to address this in all seriousness. I find that most liberals have no concept of history. Our country was founded on impassioned debate, then we had a big war, then we had more impassioned debate. America is built on passion, on fighting for what you believe to be right, on struggle, on effort. The fact that the first amendment is the First Amendment displays this.

Our language continues the tradition. You want heated rhetoric? Read the debates between Lincoln and Douglas. We are such a CIVIL society that at one point we broke in half and held a war. Wait… what was that one called again?

You think it is bad today? Then you are a fool with no concept of history. Once upon a time, a republican president sent the US Army to roust a camp of 15,000 peaceful marchers. They were removed with tear gas, bayonets, and tanks. Several marchers were killed and hundreds were injured. That was in 1932 and it was not that abnormal an event in our history.

There have been duels between government employees. The Sergeant at Arms has used a club to break up congressional debates. Honestly, compared to our forefathers, our current leadership are a bunch of pansies.   

Why is it so important to use violent language in a political debate?

Almost all political language is based upon violent terms relating to warfare, because the two are related. We have “campaigns” in “battle ground” states. Politics are what societies have when we’re not having war. War is a continuation of politics, and always has and always will be.

A better question is, why do we have to destroy our right to free speech?

I think the Democratic Underground is populated by a bunch of morons, but they’ve got the right to say whatever they want. They can burn effigies of George Bush if they feel like it. Skinheads and Black Panthers can say whatever they want to, no matter how awful it is, because this is America.

Irony is just not a frame of mind right wingers are really capable of processing.

Oh, trust me. We do irony just fine.  

The immediate defensive tone taken by those on the right is very telling.

Because if I walked up to you in public and called you a child rapist, wouldn’t you get a little defensive? Maybe if I only said you were a supporter of pedophilia, but that some horrible crime only happened because you were such an awful wannabe child molester, then do you think you might get a touch defensive? Now, what if representatives of every major news station in the country showed your picture as soon as there was a report that a pedophile had been arrested? Defensive?

So, when the half the country that believes what I believe gets immediately blamed for something that we had nothing to do with… Duh.

Oh, and if we are silent, you just do it more and say that our silence shows we feel guilty. If we defend ourselves, it shows that we are defensive about something because we feel guilty. Ironic… See? I told you above that we understood irony. We have to live it every time we turn on the news.  

Maybe, just maybe, you can think twice before casting tens of millions of Americans as traitors

For the record, I don’t throw around the word traitor, (like the left did all the time with generals, vice presidents, and military contractors like me) because treason is a very specific law. Treason is not defined as “anything that disagrees with me”.

or saying stupid things like liberals want to implement socialism

Liberals don’t want to implement socialism. Liberals are just useful idiots used by socialists to implement socialism. Get it right. Nikita Khrushchev figured that out a long time ago.

to take away all your guns.

Nope. There hasn’t been six different pieces of federal gun legislation proposed this week. Not at all… No magazine bans. No new assault weapons ban. No ban on a gun within 1,000 feet of an elected official… Nope. Imagined the whole thing.

And for the record, if my side really was as dangerous, evil, scary, crazy, mean, and hate filled as your side seems to think we are, you would need a lot more than a thousand feet… The people on my side can hit squirrels at that.

That’s just crazy talk, plain and simple. No one is coming for your little guns, people.

That would be difficult… mostly because we have guns.

You are free to carry them to tell the world what a failure of a man you are thinking your gun equals the glorious lack of manhood between your legs.

You got me there. My penis, though it has been sufficiently keeping my wife happy for thirteen years of marriage, is completely inadequate for self defense purposes.

I do love that one. Lefties love to use Freudian BS as if I have a gun only to compensate for the size of my equipment. (which is really kind of funny since I’m 6’5”, can palm a basketball, and wear a size 15 shoe… draw your own conclusions) Nope, I carry a gun because I can’t throw a 230 grain lead projectile at 850 feet per second with my dick. Also, in a second amendment sense, I highly doubt that my penis would be able to overthrow a tyrannical government, either.


HUGO AWARDS! It is time to get your nominations in. And yes, I’m eligible.


The Hugo Awards are fan based awards given out at each WorldCon. Only people that have attended the prior WorldCon or bought a membership to the current WorldCon can nominate. However this year WorldCon is in Reno, so I know a bunch of folks that read this blog are attending, and if you are, you need to vote!

If you aren’t going, but you want to vote/nominate, then you can buy a supporting membership for like $50.

You need to get your nominations in quickly. They are due by January 31st. The information is at the link above.

You can nominate up to 5 things for each category. I’m not telling you how to vote, but this is what I’m voting for. I think that all of these things are deserving of an award, and even getting nominated makes you look cool. I fully do not expect to win, because not even a single robot is raped during the events of MHI or MHV, but getting nominated would be neat and that actually doesn’t take too many votes. :)

John W. Campbell Award:  Larry Correia – debut novel: “Monster Hunter International” (2009) and sequel: “Monster Hunter Vendetta” (2010) from Baen - This one is for best new author that has come out in the last two years. And yes, I’m an egotist. But come on, I am pretty awesome.

John Brown – debut novel: Servant of a Dark God from Tor

Dan Wells – debut novel: I Am Not a Serial Killer from Tor

The following categories had to be released in 2010.

Best Novel:  Darkship Thieves – Sarah Hoyt from Baen

Grand Central Arena – Ryk E. Spoor from Baen

Live Free Or Die – John Ringo from Baen

Mr. Monster -Dan Wells from Tor

And finally, because I am biased – Monster Hunter Vendetta – Larry Correia from Baen  – because okay, was it brilliant literature that will reshape the academic landscape? Oh hell no. But admit it, was it the most fun you had reading a book this year? Come on… Admit it. This would be like giving the Oscar to the Expendables. :)

I’m sure that there are many other wonderful novels that I’m missing, but I was not able to read a lot of 2010 release novels in 2010. That’s what happens when you are running behind. I’m still reading the ’08 and ’09 books that were recommended to me.

Best Novella: ???

Best Novelette: The Price – Michael Z. Williamson (in the anthology “Citizens”)

Best Short Story: Memorial at Copernicus – Gray Rinehart

Exanastasis – Brad Torgersen

The Greatest Science Fiction Story Ever Written – Eric James Stone

All great writers. Next year I will have a couple of short stories out that I hope you all enjoy, but nothing currently.

Best Related Work:  Writing Excuses Podcast Season 4 by  Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells & Howard Tayler

Best Graphic Story:  Schlock Mercenary: Massively Parallel – Howard Tayler  (not only is Schlock Mercenary awesome, I wrote the introduction for the one that is coming out next!)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Inception

It was sci-fi and though the writing made it needlessly cloudy at times, it was a good film. I nominate Avatar for best remake of Pocahantus.

Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): The Walking Dead on AMC. TV shows involving monsters need more love, and I’m rooting for this production company for personal reasons.

Best Professional Editor (Long Form): Toni Weisskopf, – Baen Books. 

Jim Minz, – Baen Books

Laura Haywood Covey – Baen Books

Have to go with the editors that I know and have worked with one this one, and these folks are all awesome and deserving of your vote.

Best Editor (Short Form): John Ringo & Brian M. Thomsen – anthology Citizens  Because he is John Ringo, damn it.  Plus, everytime Ringo gets nominated for something it causes literary critics to have strokes.

Best Professional Artist: Kurt Miller

Alan Pollack

(got to go with the guys that have done my covers, and they are AWESOME. Next year I’ll nominate Zach Hill and Justin Otis for Grimnoir work)

Isaac Stewart (for the interior artwork on Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings, also the guy that did Mistoborn, but that was from prior years)

Best Semiprozine

Best Fanzine:

Best Fan Writer: Chris Nuttall (going off of the Baen Barfly’s recommendations)

Best Fan Artist:

EDITED: Because I can’t spell ‘eligible’. Bob Westover and Kathy Jackson both caught that one. :p


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