The Christmas Noun – a cover by Eric Westover

Eric Westover put together a cover for the Christmas Noun 3D for your holiday enjoyment.

0 Responses to The Christmas Noun – a cover by Eric Westover

  1. Rev. Paul says:

    Heh. Rudolph in the mask … perfect!

  2. that whacked my funny straight into next year!! AWESOME!

  3. Lance says:

    That’s just straight up awesome.

  4. RagDragger says:

    Corriea wins the internets!

  5. Dannyboy says:


  6. Panticles says:

    That is one fantastic cover!

  7. mike harris says:

    That just made it on my office wall for the Holiday Decoration Contest.

  8. Matthew says:

    I’d buy it.

  9. Sam says:

    When Rudolf meets Jason Vorhees….

  10. Dillis says:

    Now we know what makes Rudolph’s nose so red . . . the blood of his victims.

  11. mike says:

    I actually got a little teared up when Rudolf kicks James Cameron in the balls; that has been a dream of mine since dances with smurphs came out.

  12. John Brown says:

    I’m still laughing

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