The Christmas Noun – a cover by Eric Westover

Eric Westover put together a cover for the Christmas Noun 3D for your holiday enjoyment.

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  1. Heh. Rudolph in the mask … perfect!

  2. that whacked my funny straight into next year!! AWESOME!

  3. That’s just straight up awesome.

  4. Corriea wins the internets!

  5. Outstanding.

  6. That is one fantastic cover!

  7. That just made it on my office wall for the Holiday Decoration Contest.

  8. I’d buy it.

  9. When Rudolf meets Jason Vorhees….

  10. Now we know what makes Rudolph’s nose so red . . . the blood of his victims.

  11. I actually got a little teared up when Rudolf kicks James Cameron in the balls; that has been a dream of mine since dances with smurphs came out.

  12. I’m still laughing

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