Cooking with the Troops Charity

Hey everyone, you might remember that I posted about this charity once before, but they are getting close to the end and they still need a bit more help. This is your chance to give the gift of awesome food, pin up girls, and Mike Williamson to injured troops!

And there are still pin up girls! (because I’ve found that if I put a picture of an attractive woman in the post, about ten times as many of you will click the link) :)

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  1. yes as a matter of fact we are more likely to click if there’s a pretty lass.

  2. All of us over here appreciate you spreading the word about this. Don’t know anyone who is at Landstul right now, but have had soldiers under me sent there in the past.

    Any pick me up there is a great thing.

  3. Isn’t that pic the mayor of Condon or Heppner Oregon who was kicked out of office because she had this picture taken?

  4. I give to a different vet. chairty every year. I will add this one to the list. I spent 15 years in the Army, untill I zig when I should have zaged in 2003. I spent a month in Rona Spain at at navy hospital. I recieved packages every few days, everything from candy to letters from kindergarden students.
    I loved everyone of them, made me laugh, cry, and everything inbetween. Mostly they just made me feel normal.
    I can think of nothing better than food and pin-ups :) The two most common topics when soldier get together to talk :)

  5. Larry

    Nice looking Fire Engine, spoken like a true son of a Fire Chief.

    Ps the lady is nice too

  6. All I caught was, “about ten times as many of you will click the link) :) ” and then a pic of a pretty girl.

    Did I miss anything important?

  7. Hey Larry! This is unrelated, but I wanted to send you fan email (as well as a question I thought you might have strong opinions regarding, considering you are a guy who tends to have strong opinions :D) but I couldn’t seem to find your email address! Do you have a contact info for us fans, or do I just suck at these internets?

  8. HEY! Those aren’t regulation fire boots!!!

    heh heh… who cares! =P

  9. That should be kept at the firehouse. It’s a lot hotter than anything hanging around our firehouses.

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