Sold another book – DEAD SIX

Well, it looks like Baen is going to publish the thriller that I wrote with Mike Kupari. It is called Dead Six.

There’s actually a very fun story behind the creation of D6. Mike (who goes by Nightcrawler on gun forums) had started a little online fiction thread called Welcome Back, Mr. Nightcrawler.  I started reading it, enjoying it, and got the crazy idea that it would be fun to jump in on his story. So I asked permission, and wrote a single stand alone part from another character’s perspective of one particular scene.

People loved it. So we said, what the heck, and kept it going. Somehow it turned out really good. I used the traffic from the Mr. Nightcrawler thread to promote the original self published release of MHI. The rest of that is history.

So about 2 years ago, Nightcrawler and I decided to write a sequel to the Mr. Nightcrawler thread. (called Swords of Exodus) We were just going to put it online, but after I put 100,000 words into it, I figured that we should just clean up the first one and then try to get the whole thing published.

So we took Mr. Nightcrawler and tweaked the living crap out of it. I mean, we really really really worked that thing over. By the time we got done, it was twice as long, way more complex, and much better. I’m please to announce that Baen is going to publish it. I don’t know when the release date is going to be.

So now I’ll have 4 different series (assuming D6 sells well enough to warrant the sequels, which is up to you guys): Monster Hunter, Grimnoir, Untitled Space Opera with John Ringo, and Dead Six. So I’m now a fantasy, sci-fi, thriller writer. This will be my 10th book under contract.

So this is how it is stacking up now:

1. Monster Hunter International. 2. Monster Hunter Vendetta. 3. The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic. 4. Monster Hunter Alpha. 5. Dead Six. 6. The Grimnoir Chronicles II. 7. Monster Hunter Legion. 8. Ringo Project. 9. Ringo Project. 10. Monster Hunter Nemesis.

Those are the ones that are sold.

After that I’ve got plans/outlines for (not in any particular order): 11. The Grimnoir Chronicles III. 12. The Grimnoir Chronicles 1908. 13. The Grimnoir Chronicles 1870. 14. Monster Hunter VI. 15. Monster Hunter VII. 16. D6 2: Swords of Exodus. 17. D6 3: Project Blue. 18. A stand alone epic fantasy novel that is epic badass. 19. A stand alone sci-fi thriller I’ve been calling the Africa book.

In addition I’ve been commissioned to write a couple of shorts. I just finished did the entire Tanya MH short story, then I’m going to do a TGC short, and I’ve been asked to collaborate on another anthology for a short and I’ve not even had the time to look at that one yet.

Whew! That should keep you guys entertained for a bit! :)

Article about me in The Blue Press

There is going to be an article about me in the December 1st The Blue Press.  The interview was done by gun writer and all around good guy, Duane Thomas. 

For those that don’t know, The Blue Press is put out by Dillon. It is part catalog, part magazine, all fun, and FREE. It has hundreds of thousands of subscribers (literally).  If you want to get a free subscription all you have to do is call 1-800-223-4570 or you can request it here

And no. I will not be on the cover. That is reserved for good looking women, rather than large, lumbering, James Gandolfini look alikes. The Dillon cover is always an attractive girl with a gun. (running joke, if you identify the gun on the cover of The Blue Press before you notice the girl you might be a gun nut). I’m sure that this helps keep the subscriptions up. :)


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