Veteran’s Day off

First off, thank you to all our Vets. God bless you for your service, your sacrifice, and your willingness to put righteous boot to ass for your country.

I’m off today from my day job. That’s one nice thing about being part of the evil military-industrial complex, I get all the holidays.  So I stayed up late last night watching horror movies on Netflix (nothing good) and today I’m working on Grimnoir 2.

I did get into a bit of an internet argument last night. This is for my gun nut readers.,11651.0.html  I just can’t help myself. When somebody says something dumb on the internet, it is like this other, argumentative personality manifests. Nightcrawler calls it my inner Fiskwolf. I was nice at first, but then this morning I kind of went off. :)


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