Hard Magic in limited edition HARD COVER!

Exciting news everybody, I just found out that Baen Books has decided to do a limited run of hard cover copies of The Grimnoir Chronicles: Hard Magic!  The trade paperback had already been scheduled for a May 2011 release, but because of the huge success of Monster Hunter Vendetta, Baen has decided to do a limited run of hard covers at the same time! This is a limited, one time thing. There are probably only going to be a couple thousand. So snag them while the getting is good.

I’m going to be doing a west coast tour in May. I’ll be driving from Salt Lake, to Phoenix, to San Diego, to LA, to San Fran, to Portland, to Seattle, to Tacoma, to Boise, and then home.  I’ll be doing a signing in every major area, and I’ll be hitting as many of the local stores as possible on the way to sign store stock and to meet the staff.  

EDIT: To clarify, the phone number on that PDF is for bookstores to order copies from Simon & Schuster. I’ll put up a post soon to see how much blog interest there is, and if we want to try and swing something like I did with the autographed copies of MHV.

Baen-May-2011-Hard Magic Sell-Sheet[1]

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4391-3434-4 Price: $15.00 US/$17.00 Can.
Limited Hardcover Edition ISBN: 978-1-4516-3745-8 Price: $25.00 US/$28.99 Can.



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