Election 2010 – The Bloodlettening

Like many of you, I stayed up really late to watch the election returns the other night. The Democrats got trounced. You know it is sad when the best things they can hold up for the night were that they managed to hold friggin’ Delaware and the Senate Majority Leader squeaked past somebody nobody had ever heard of in a state absolutely owned by the unions. Other than that, the Republicans won damn near everything.

I got a real kick out of the AP headline the next morning about how the Tea Party wasn’t as effective as hoped, and how the whole movement was a “mixed blessing.” So… let me get this right, oh wise news media… Your spin is that because a political movement that has only been around for a year didn’t win EVERY SINGLE RACE they were ineffective?  Hookay then. Have you ever gone fishing? Did you catch ALL the fish? No? Fail, AP. Fail.

I’m okay with not getting the Senate. It is close enough now to keep them from pushing through anything ridiculous. Congress controls the purse strings, so that enables us to defund healthcare and jump off the train to Marx Town.

OOOOOhhhhhh… But what about Gridlock?  Squeals the media.

If every single reach-across-the-aisle compromise keeps on doing the same thing over and over, and the government keeps getting bigger and bigger, then hooray for gridlock!

Everywhere that is not insane, democrats lost en-masse. Why? It sure isn’t because the Republicans are our BFFs forever, it’s because most Americans absolutely despise what the democrats have been doing. My primary hope is that the Republicans remember this. After listening to the Speaker-In-Waiting and DeMint, I think that at least some of them get it, so I’m cautiously optimistic.  

Basically regular America came out and said the government is too big, we hate healthcare, quit screwing the economy, and quit spending/borrowing too damn much money.

Yesterday I got to watch the President of the United States say that the reason most of the country is mad about the Healthcare Bill is because we didn’t get it… That if he could only, somehow, explain it better then we’d suddenly be content and not want it repealed. But alas, we’re just too stupid to comprehend the greatness.

No. If anybody doesn’t get it, it is you, Mr. President. We do understand it, and it is stupid, awful, bloated, expensive, fat, ugly, and smells funny. We do not like it, want it, or need it explained better; all we want is for it to go away.  It is like you walked up and hit us in the face with a stick.

AMERICA: “The vast majority of us do not want to be hit in the face with a stick.”

DEMOCRATS: “Too bad. You will learn to like it.” WHACK

AMERICA: “Please stop hitting us in the face with that stick.”

DEMOCRATS:  WHACK “No. It is really good for you.” WHACK.

AMERICA: “But it sucks and is painful.”

DEMOCRATS:  WHACK. “I do not understand. Maybe I need to explain better.” JABS OUT OUR EYE “How about now?”

AMERICA: Drags Nancy Pelosi behind the woodshed and brains her with a shovel. “You feeling me now, assholes?”

DEMOCRATS: Looks at stick. Pouts. “But we were having so much fun!”

FDX then pointed out that there were good things in the healthcare bill that everyone could agree on, like insurance companies not suddenly dropping people, or laws to address those with preexisting conditions, or doctors not randomly cutting patient’s feet off for profit… Yes. There are good things in the Healthcare Bill, but that’s like saying that there is delicious frosting on a giant cake made out of shit.  

I do not care if it is the most bestest frosting in the world EVAR, it is a shit cake.  Most American’s do not like to be fed shit cake. (Except for California, which just went back for seconds).

 Now, on my home state (I consider myself a political refugee from California)… WTF? Really? Yes, Schwarzenegger sucked. That’s because he was a RINO (hopefully becoming an endangered species). That’s what you get with democrat-lite… But Moonbeam? Seriously? Moonbeam? You guys are soooooo screwed.

My main concern now is that the Republicans will get stupid, forget the lessons learned, and go back to being Big-Government-Different-Flavor. In ’94 the Republicans did okay for a bit, then lost their way. I’m optimistic this time around for one big reason that may sound kind of silly at first.

The internet.

No really. The internet was a baby in ’94. As the internet has gotten better, and more people are hooked up to more information faster, the public is informed immediately when something goes down, and we can act while the rage is fresh. Backdoor deal to screw us? Back then it took time for the information to disseminate, and while it did it was folded, spindled, and mutilated by a press that was 99.5% in league with the Democrats until reality could be neatly packaged for our consumption.

Now, fifteen minutes after something goes down, the world knows. There is now a divided media (which is why theyhate FOX oh so much), but more importantly, we have hundreds of thousands of individuals who can formulate and broadcast their opinions from all over the spectrum. People can rally, organize, and act while it still matters.

This is why the media and the democrats just don’t understand the Tea Party. It isn’t a cohesive organization, with leaders, spin, guidelines, rules, a charter, etc. Listen to NPR. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that it isn’t just the Christian Coalition under some different name. The T.P. is just a bunch of regular folks who can agree on a couple fundamental things, like they really don’t like getting hit in the face with sticks.

You know what is really funny? Before Obama was even elected I made a prediction on this blog that he would shove through as much socialism as possible, as fast as possible, on a kind of brazen-suicide charge to change America, KNOWING that it was his only chance, because he’d get destroyed in the mid-terms, and then be a one term president.  So… My prediction is running at about 100% accuracy so far.

Fingers crossed on that last bit. :)

EDIT:  See also Lab Rat’s open letters to both sides:  http://www.atomicnerds.com/?p=4065


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