Mario Di Giacomo

Hey Larry.

I was wondering… have you ever read the SPOOKS comics published by DDP? The two minis (especially the second “Spooks: Omega Team”) read like a cross between MHI and GI JOE, which makes sense as they were written by Larry Hama.


Larry Hama. Larry Correia.



Sounds like you guys did have fun. Keep spreading the awesomeness that is MHI.

Knighthawk (drbindy)

That was a lot of fun to listen to, thanks for the link.

Also – I’ll second the Omega Team question. Seems right up your alley.

Ray McCune

Wow! Talk about down to earth. A home grown, nap of the earth interview. Very well done.

Scott Deering

Hi Larry,

It was funny to have heard this interview and the discussion of the gensis of MHI (target rich environments..) and then to see this preview for a Syfy movie about a group of werewolf hunters, armed with (wait for it…) crossbows:–sneak-peek/v1253852

Talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight…