Don’t suppose you;d be in the area Thursday or Friday anywhere? I just happen to be in the area for training this week. I even have my 2nd copy of MHV with me.


I’ll try to get up to Scottsdale Sunday – unfortunately, there’s a gun show Saturday *G*.


When are you coming to Colorado Springs? No one ever comes here – they may go to Denver.


Larry, I was at B&N today and I saw that MHV had it’s own freaking kiosk right next to the “New Arrivals” section, featured prominently next to the nook sales booth and right when you first walk into the store.

Nice. I should’ve taken a pic for ya but I forgot in my impatience. Had to buy two copies of MHV and replace my fourth copy of MHI because my friends keep stealing the damn things…

Cecil Burch

I am disappointed because I have to be in L.A. this weekend helping teach a MMA seminar at my buddy’s gym.

I was looking forward to getting both books signed. Just my luck.