Taking requests, I’ve been commissioned to write some short stories.

I’ve been asked by my publisher to write a short story set in the Monster Hunter universe and another set in The Grimnoir Chronicles universe.

So basically, what do you guys want to read about? Give me your opinion on who/what you’d like to see from the world of Monster Hunter. TGC is obviously a little harder since you guys don’t get to read that one until May.

If you are on Facebook, I started a post about this in the new Monster Hunter Nation group. There are already a bunch of really good requests going on over there. So join that if you are interested. And if you are on FB, just go ahead and friend me. It is a useful way to get updates out.

I’ve not done a lot of short fiction, and only one little tidbit from the MH universe. (see Tanya, Princess of the Elves under the Fiction tab).


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