Shout outs!

I don’t know where my camera is, but when I find it, I’ve got to take some pictures for you.

A while back I got an e-mail from somebody asking if I was ever going to make an MHI logo Zippo like I mentioned Earl Harbinger using, and if not, would I mind if they made one for themselves. I said the same thing I always say about the logo, if it is just for your personal use and not to make money, go, use it, and have fun. I just like to get pictures so I can post them on the blog. 

But then I got a package yesterday. In it was an MHI engraved logo Zippo! 

It is awesome. Turns out it was cheaper to make a few than just one, so they sent one to me.  I love it. It is so cool I might have to go take up smoking or something! (just kidding, Bishop) :p

So thanks Laura, Phillip, and Jake of the St. Louis MHI team. It is much appreciated.

But while talking about pictures, check out this one from Iraq on a Blackhawk door gunner.  Boo Yah! That is tough.

Thanks, Monster Hunter Mesopotamia, A Co. 2-1 GSAB The Wraiths, badasses that rain fire from the sky.


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