EDIT: I’m not supposed to know about that certain thing yet…

EDIT:  Disregard what you read earlier. That was apparently a SECRET sneak peak. Whoops. My bad. I jumped the gun.

There is nothing to see here. No such thing was communicated and I shall not speak of it anymore… until next week. When I totally can talk about it.  :)

MHV #4 bestselling fantasy novel in the country last week

I just got the Nielsen Bookscan numbers for the week ending October 3rd.  Monster Hunter Vendetta was #4 in fantasy, nationwide.  Bookscan works likes the Nielsen TV ratings with a whole bunch of stores, and all of the big chains (except Walmart) reporting numbers weekly. 

Holy. Friggin’. Crap.

Uh… Yeah.  Ahem.  Moving on then, lots of good stuff going on here. I’ve been super swamped, so haven’t been posting much blog fodder that hasn’t related directly to the MHV release. Surprisingly, a book release consumes a giant chunk of your time.  There are exciting things afoot.


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