Arizona Book Signings!

Saturday, October 23rd at the Tempe Marketplace B&N from 1-3 PM.

Sunday, October 24th at the Poison Pen in Scottsdale at 2:00 PM.  This is their Halloween bash and will have 5 authors there.  Signing at the Poison Pen is kind of a big deal. The week before me is Vince Flynn and F. Paul Wilson. These guys pull in the Big Guns.

Emancipated Worlds Chapter 1

More mil-SF goodness from my friend Brad: 

He is doing this as a serial. Brad has won Writers of the Future (which is a pretty darn big deal), and has books in at different places (some that I happen to, you know, write books for) So the more he can do to build name awareness, the better.

Brad has also already managed to offend lots of people by being very opinionated politically. For some reason I think that will be right up my reader’s alley. :)   So, other bloggers, if you like Brad’s serial, please spread the word.


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