Geeky craft request

Okay, weird request. Do any of you happen to have a GI Joe sized (the little GI Joes, not the big Barbie sized) guns laying around? Things that you bought for your kids, but they left them on the carpet for you to step on too many times so you don’t want them any more? Very specifically, I need a Thompson subgun. Preferably a GI style, but a 1928 style will do too.  Also I need a lever action rifle.  Anything that looks like a Marlin or Winchester would be perfectly close enough.

This is super geeky, but inspired by my friends that paint miniatures, all the custom action figure people on the internet (I think Silof is the most impressive), and the fact that all of my family except for me do some sort of geeky crafty thing, I’m trying to build/paint my own custom MHI action figures.  Don’t worry. I’ll put up pictures. (of any that turn out good).

This isn’t business. This is hobby. This is also extremely geeky. But inspired by my friends that paint miniatures (like Howard Tayler and Kirk Pfau) and by pages like I’m going to try and build myself some custom MHI action figures.  

I’ve got a few hobbies (shooting, but that is very time intensive), and writing consumes almost all my free time, but I’ve not done anything artisticaly creative in a really long time.  I’ll post pictures of the ones that turn out okay. :)

The Thompson is for Earl. The lever gun is for Sam. Both of those are already shaping up pretty well. I’m actually already very proud of my Gretchen and Skippy.


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