Book Signing tomorrow – Layton

I’ll be signing books at the Layton Barnes & Noble, Saturday October 2nd from 2-5. Though I’ll probably be there at noon. This is my local store, and I’m pretty sure they’ve sold more copies than any other B&N. So drop by and say hi.

4 Responses

  1. We were at the Great Falls B&N the other day. No copies to be found.


  2. Where is Layton? Utah? They’d probably shoot my Transhumanist butt there, for ogling their women. When I visited SLC, I thought about moving. Yeegads, what’s in the water in Utah?

  3. I wonder if she was at the book signing.

    Audio NSFW

    Catchy tune. First credible evidence I’ve ever seen of an SF groupie.

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