Details about the signings this weekend

Here are the details about the signing this weekend, far more constructively organized than I am seemingly capable of: 

Swing by and say hi. I will have copies of MHI and MHV there, and there are a bunch of other really awesome writers too.

Let the Redshirtining begin!


Hmmm… doesn’t sound right.

Okay, imagine that said in the same tone of voice as “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” The original, not the Liam Neeson owed somebody money version.

The following people donated at least $50 to the Misha Hintze kidney transplant fund. Some folks even donated more. Misha is still waiting for a donor, since the one they had lined up turned out to be incompatible. Thank you guys though, because you are helping make a difference in a young man’s life.

The following people are going to be redshirted in an upcoming Larry Correia novel. Since we received so many, I can’t promise that all of you will make it into Monster Hunter Alpha (the current project) but you will appear in an upcoming work. Many of you sent info/bios/pics along, and I will use that info if possible, but can’t promise anything. Some of you are already in MHA, just because your name really fit for a character that was already there and all I had to do was tweak it a little bit. 

When I get done, I’ll post again with who is showing up in MHA.

Justin Stevenson

Tyler Nelson 

Jo Ann Schneider

Jason Lococo

Gaige Mosher

Chase Temple

Kai Hintze (Misha’s dad, but somebody contributed extra money on his behalf so that he too could brutally murdered.)

Phillip Pedersen

Ryan Horst

Kirk Conover

Ethan Pedde

Nancy Randall

Lawrence J Lins

Sharon Mangum

Robb Kelley

And a quick question for those of you listed above… Would any of you mind being a sort of bad guy? I’m talking about some not exactly pleasant rival Hunters from a rival company?  Most of them are not good people.  Do I have any volunteers to be sleazy?  I just ask becaue it is one thing to murder you with werewolves, but it is an entirely different thing to make you a jerk in the process. :)


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