Andrew Breitbart takes on an entire protest by himself… and wins.

That was amazing. I liked Breitbart before, but I just gained a whole lot of respect for the man.

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  1. I watched this earlier and found it very interesting.
    One man against the rent-a-mob!

  2. This is a really good video, I’m sure NickWolf is frothing at the mouth to post comments about it :P You and Breitbart should team up sometime.

  3. “This guy is mean! We were told there wouldn’t be any questions! And you said there’d be donuts…!” :(

    –Random Protester, sadly shuffling back onto the bus

  4. Very interesting using Public School Buses to go to a political protest.
    I did not know that schools could rent out buses for political purposes.

  5. School buses are often operated by private companies who contract out to the district. No reason that they can’t be hired by someone else.

  6. Anyone else notice all the rent a mob protest signs were in the same handwriting?

  7. Maybe they should have let the protesters use a teleprompter, too.

  8. That was epic! Well, maybe not epic. Definitely awesome though. Yeah. That was awesome!

  9. He wishes he could do this…

  10. Google Eugene Winkler and prepare for the lack of surprise…

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