Andrew Breitbart takes on an entire protest by himself… and wins.

That was amazing. I liked Breitbart before, but I just gained a whole lot of respect for the man.

What is it with people posting to year old blog posts?

Some folks love to comment on year old political blog posts, where absolutely nobody will see their wisdom. Sometimes I get some real gems too. Like, I just got this one from Gabriel Givens:

If you put the Republicans back in power they will
cut all government checks plus the brand new health care
just so that rich people won’t pay taxes.

Uh… Good?

My only hope is that the new crop of republicans have the guts to murder the hell out of the budget and to cut funding for socialized medicine, because that’s why America is electing them. Not just so those mean rich people won’t pay taxes.  And on the topic of “rich” people. Okay. Rhetorical question time, dumb-ass… Do you have a job?  If so, does the government consider your boss “rich”? (answer, more-than-likely) Would you like your boss to be able to keep paying his employees or to pay more taxes?  What? You’d rather keep your job?  Cool… Then shut the hell up.


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