Still playing catch up

Well, I said there would be more blogging last week after we got moved in, but then the next day my 2002 Ford Focus decided to commit suicide. Towed it to the shop. Timing belt came off. (135k, so that was unexpected) Discovered that “non-interuption” engine only applied up to 1,500 RPM when it then switches to the “Grenade” setting. Which meant car shopping… Yay.

I hate making payments though. I’ve always saved up, and then gone car shopping, so that I could just buy outright. I don’t like paying interest. I like collecting interest. However, that is very difficult to do when your car implodes right after you closed on a house. But anyways, I think I found a ’07 Ford Taurus that is in my price range with 50K miles on it. I’ll probably end up picking that up today.

So between car shopping and living out of boxes and trying to finish the rough draft of MHA, I’ll hurry up and get something else posted. Oh, and I also finally got to read Darkship Thieves by Sarah Hoyt. Excellent book. I’ll post a review when I get a chance.


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