Do you guys want MHI on audio book? Now’s your chance.

Readers have asked me before about the possibility of an MHI audio book, but I didn’t really follow up because I didn’t really know how that stuff worked. Recently, I was inspired to ask when I saw that my friend Sarah Hoyt’s excellent novel Darkship Thieves was going to get an audio book version. So I investigated, and basically it is a question of demand. Baen has an agreement with Audible to do Baen books on audio CD in stores and electronic download on  If Audible thinks that there is sufficient demand for an audio book, they’ll produce one.

EDIT: Apparently I was given the wrong contact info! Whoops. We’ll try this again later.

If you could mention title (Monster Hunter International), author (Larry Correia) and publisher (Baen Books) that would be great.  If they get enough interest expressed, then they may produce one. If they ask why they are suddenly getting a bunch of calls, you can refer them to here, and just say that I really like to communicate with my fans. :)

I like Audible too. I learned about them from their ad on the Writing Excuses podcast. It is a convenient way to go.


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