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Upcoming events

More times and details coming soon.

West Jordan B&N and Sandy Borders, September 25th.  

Guest and signing at the Book Academy at UV, September 30th.

Book signing at Layton B&N October 2nd.

Book signing at the Poison Pen, Scottsdale AZ on Oct 24th.

More coming soon.

Do you guys want MHI on audio book? Now's your chance.
We are moved!

Hey, guy, you seen anything on this?

Seems like NONE of the people involved want to say ANYTHING about it


Alright – Larry back in Arizona!

You going to head down long enough to hit the range this time? 😉

Another Dinner?


Hope you’ll be up for another dinner in AZ. I’ll try not to crack my head on another lamp this time.

Russell Phagan

We’re planning on running another shotgun match on Halloween this year. It would be cool if you can make it. I should have enough time to read the book after it comes out to design another MHI stage.

Ray McCune

Hmmm….Larry, how about a book signing next January in Porta Viarta, Mexico? That way I have a real excuse to go on Vacation there with the wife. LoL!!!