MHI sneaks into STI's American Handgunner advertisement

Monster Hunter load-out

This is the ad that is going to appear in the Handgunner annual from my favorite gun company, STI.  Notice anything interesting in there?

STI is the #1 handgun choosen by professional Monster Hunters.

32 Responses to MHI sneaks into STI's American Handgunner advertisement

  1. moose1942 says:

    That’s cool and sneaky. Unfortunately most people won’t even notice it. :-(

  2. Nick Sharps says:

    Hahaha I Spy with my eye something that kicks ass!

  3. TXGunGeek says:

    I’d say that scores a “perfect ten” in advertising.

  4. theUnpaidBill says:

    There’s an MHI patch in there. Left hand side.

    That’s awesome.

  5. SuperNaut says:

    That is wicked cool.

  6. Phil says:

    Boo-yah! I guess they liked the book and the free product placement (and now they’re returning the favor).

  7. I am seriously considering getting an STI Spartan (since that is what fits in my budget).

    • Jay says:

      I bought a Spartan from Larry back when he was with FBMG and I absolutely love mine.

      Took me a second to find the patch, that is bad ass!!!

  8. bogie says:

    Either that, or… Did a certain Nashville photographer shoot the ad?

  9. Sam Fidler says:

    It’s pretty obvious that STI just used a photo taken during their tour of MHI HQ last year. ;)

  10. von Krag says:

    It does look like a Oleg pic. I’ve only put a few rounds through a STI & was very impressed but all in all I’ll stick to my Warthog for carry. Now if only I could get a better set of grips in wood for it.

  11. Justin says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t you used to sell the hell out of STIs back in your dealer of awesomeness days? Seems like STI is giving you a reciprocal plug :)

  12. Britt says:

    One day, I’m going to make enough money to afford nice guns. On that day, I’m going to order Owen’s 1911s from the STI Custom Shop. Then I need make enough money to buy enough politicians so that I can get all the gun laws repealed so I won’t get arrested when I get a gunsmith to make me an Abomination.

  13. Jericho941 says:

    Bad. Ass.

  14. bulletdan says:


  15. Aaron says:

    That cinches it. My Centennial 1911 next year will be an STI.

  16. Ted N(not the Nuge) says:


  17. Janir says:

    That KICKS ASS!!

  18. Nick Sharps says:

    I really hope I can finish Way of Kings before I get MHV, the things a 1000 page monster.

    • wekm says:

      Just keep working at Way of Kings. Then, when MHV comes out, take a break and tear through some great monster killing pulp. Then you can pick Brandon’s tome up again refreshed and recharged.

      I’m still waiting for Larry to whip out his medieval fantasy with the belt fed machine gun in it.
      Oh, if only we could combine the two, Brandon’s magical power armor, and Larry’s gun porn…

      • Nick Sharps says:

        Oh I agree whole-heartedly. I just started Way of Kings last night and it is so epic…and of course I never would have given Sanderson a try without Larry having mentioned him (I’m not a big fantasy guy).

        And seeing as how Larry is branching out into other genres (techno-thriller, noire-magic, space opera) it might not be too long before we see a medieval fantasy. With guns. And explosions. Mmmmmm :) Guns and Explosions

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  20. wekm says:

    Yes, explosives would be great. I probably love blowing things up even more than shooting them.

  21. marshalldodge says:

    That is pretty cool Larry……does this have anything to do with your STI build?

  22. von Krag says:

    Off topic but I think relevant to the monsters we deal with:

    Today in History September 7th

    1876 – In Northfield, Minnesota, Jesse James and the James-Younger Gang attempt to rob the town’s bank but are surrounded by an angry & well armed mob and are nearly killed. These citizens took the law into their own hands. They should have waited for professional law enforcement intervention.

  23. Scott Deering says:

    Hi Larry,

    Not sure where this article best fits on the blog, but thought that you might find it interesting:


  24. Dr.Rob says:

    OK I’m die hard Colt fan, but THAT rocks!

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