Reminder: Uncle Hugo's orders

Head’s up everybody. So far Uncle Hugo’s has received orders for around 150 autographed copies of MHV.  The blog count here was closer to 300 copies reserved. (so that’s what he ordered).  So if you posted that you wanted a copy, here is where you go to order:   I don’t want to leave them hanging.

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  1. Sending money this Friday. I didn’t think they would be in this fast.

  2. If the date gets too frighteningly close and there looks like far too many deadbeats I’d be willing to snag another one.

  3. I could probably get another one too, that way I’ll have my pristine copy and the other I could read and give to a friend :P Just post if they’ve got too many left over.

  4. Just ordered my 3

  5. I missed the order but if there’s some who aren’t going to buy the one they reserved I’m in. I don’t want to try and horn in but I’d love a signed copy. Larry, if you end up with extras please let me know. I’ve got disposable income just burning a hole in my pocket.

  6. Ordered mine.

  7. Just got my order in.

  8. Do you know if he still has signed copies of MHI? The descriptions says “Some signed copies expected” like the MHV does, but I’ve already gotten two regular copies of MHI. I’d like to get a signed one if possible.

  9. Get those credit cards out boys! I’ve already plunked down my cash for two of ‘em!

  10. Ordered!

  11. I just ordered my two!

  12. Glad you posted the reminder, got mine!

  13. Figured this would happen. I bought two.

  14. I put in for 3. Both my sisters have birthdays in October and they loved MHI. Seeing as how one of them bent up my first edition of MHI, she can wreck her OWN copy of MHV.

  15. Payday is today. Unlike the Government, I only spend money when I HAVE it. . . (grin)

  16. Done and ordered mine!

  17. I placed the order for mine the day you put it up!

  18. My order is in.

  19. Finally got paid for my summer. Deposited the checks this morning, sent in my order about 5 minutes ago!

    Now comes the hard part: waiting for another month until the book is released!!!!

  20. I ordered mine, but he said he wasn’t going to charge the card until he had the books. Keep signing, bubba…

  21. Ordered.

  22. Ordered my two. I also love comment boxes on order pages; they allow me to more efficiently make people question my mental health.

  23. Order submitted. Thanks for the reminder Larry.

  24. ordered mine today; got hit with Minnesota sales tax :(

  25. Ordered mine too.

    Strange thing – when I ordered, I stated out of US shipping, and was quoted $0. Is this a bug?

    Hope it doesn’t screw up the order.

  26. I can’t bring myself to pay the $6.00 shipping, and lose an excuse to go to Uncle Hugo’s in person. I wonder if I can pre-order for pickup? I’ll have to call them next week and ask.

  27. Larry, I wanted to order some patches as well. Will Uncle Hugo’s have them, or do I need to order from you?

  28. Hey Larry, does Uncle Hugo have any signed copies of MHI left? I’ve got a buddy that’s asked for signed copies of both as a gift.

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