Order signed copies of Monster Hunter Vendetta now!


Okay, I can go ahead and make it official. As I talked about last week, I’m selling autographed copies of MHV through an indy bookstore that reports to the bestseller lists. The store in question is Uncle Hugo’s of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Who, some of you may remember, is also the guy who read my self published MHI and introduced me to Baen. Now Uncle Hugo’s is helping me out with this, too.

So if you responded in that last thread, I listened, and counted. Baen is going to ship several hundred copies to me to be signed, and then I’m sending them to Uncle Hugo’s.

In answer to the questions posed in the last thread, the price is just the normal cover price.  They do ship internationally and to APOs.

Thanks everyone. Let’s kick some butt and get onto some bestseller lists. :)


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