I’m collaborating with The John Ringo

The other day on Facebook I mentioned that I had some big news from the writing front. Well, I got permission to blab. (after I had my fanboy geek-out moment of course).

I’m going to be collaborating with John Ringo on a science fiction/space opera series. I can’t give any other details out yet, except that it will be awesome.  

This is a great opportunity. I’ve been reading John’s stuff for years, and I’m really looking forward to writing these with him.

Well, look what just showed up on Amazon


Nick Sharp just posted about this in another thread on here. This was the first I knew. This is also the first time I’ve seen the cover.

EDIT:  I just found out that this is not, I repeat, this is not the final cover. This was just a place holder.   Whew!

And if you don’t know what it is, here are the sample chapters:  http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2010/04/07/7-days-of-grimnoir-sample-chapters-from-the-grimnoir-chronicles-hard-magic/


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