Chuck Dixon’s new Joe Frankenstein

I’m a comic book fan, and I’m a fan of Chuck Dixon. He’s a reall well known writer in that field. (he wrote Batman for a long time and invented Bane, to give you an idea).  Currently he is doing the GI Joe (which is actually really good, I’ve been picking those up) , the A-Team, and the Expendables.  As a plus, I enjoy the Dixonverse, and I like supporting other writers who aren’t afraid to let people know they’re conservatives.

He’s got a new project that looks pretty cool.  I am a monster geek. Check it out. 

He’s doing this as an indy, and is preselling to raise funding. Here are the details:

2 Responses

  1. I’m a Liberal.You know.Individual rights,limited government and a fondness for 1911’s.

  2. Hey Larry, I just saw the Grimnoir Chronicles Hard Magic up on Amazon and I have to say my excitement is building more and more.

    Also you should consider sending a copy of Monster Hunter International to Graeme Flory of Graeme’s Fantasy Book review, he’s big into zombie books and I think a good review from him could attract more adoring fans.

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