Attention Russian speakers, I need some help for Monster Hunter Alpha

Okay, I need some translation. I need the Russian word as it would be written with English characters.  (phonetically perhaps?) The internet translators aren’t very helpful when it tells me the translation = Backwards R-Squiglly line-upside down Q-Happy face, or whatever weird letters those folks use.

I need the following:


Animal (as in a wild animal)

Or something else along those lines if it happens to sound cool.


The F Bomb.

Equivelent to whatever you’d say when you look up and realize you’re about to get hit by a snow plow, which may very well be one of the two above.

Whatever a really awful insult is. Like you’d call somebody if you really really hated their guts. (this person doesn’t particularly like Earl Harbinger very much if you get my drift)

Thanks. The Japanese and German translations I got for Grimnoir off the Monster Hunter Nation were perfect. Russian should go well I hope. Next up, Swahili!


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