Shoot Them To The Ground!! a video by Matthew Temkin, with commentary by your host, Larry Correia

Nightcrawler sent this link to me, and said that I absolutely had to review it. He said that it was one of the dumbest instructional firearms videos that he’d ever seen.  Mike assisted me in teaching quite a few pistol classes and really knows his stuff, so I clicked the link.  Ironically enough, I’d actually seen this video before at Justin’s Way of the Multigun   Read that first. And after reading that, let’s just say that Justin is way nicer than I am.

A little background, Justin and I were moderators together on The High Road. The creator/subject of this video is one Matthew Temkin, who used to post on THR with his constant arguments about the sheer, amazing, POWER of point shooting, or TOTAL TARGET FOCUS as he called it. He was obnoxious, and to read his posts, you’d think that he was the single most lethally fast gunfighter in the history of the universe.

Temkin went on and on and on about how amazing and fast his shooting was, and about how his was the best way of firearms instruction ever.  I had no dog in the fight, I don’t care how other people shoot. Personally, I like to aim. But if you didn’t do it Temkin’s way, then you were doing it wrong.  Sadly, Temkin would never actually shoot with anybody else, and there was no video to validate the amazing speed and tactical brilliance of his style…


Presenting, Matthew Temkin’s SHOOT HIM TO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!  TACTICAL POINT SHOOTING FOR THE 21st CENTURY!! Featuring Matthew Temkin as The Master, Rubber Man as Target Ted, and introducing Piece of Paper as Target #2. Watch and learn!

As your humble commentator, I will try to keep up with the awesome as it comes.  For the record, I consider myself decent with a handgun. I’m qualified Expert in IDPA, haven’t ever made Master because limited Vickers messes with my head in the classifier, and the times that I’ve tried USPSA, I usually score on par with the B class guys.  I’ve taught basic defensive pistol classes for years, and I’ve gotten to take classes from, or assisted several really good top-notch, been-there-done-that instructors. I’ve had the opportunity to associate with and shoot with some of the best shooters alive (and gotten my butt correspondingly kicked).  I just say that to illustrate that I know what a competent pistol shooter looks like.

And Matthew Temkin ain’t it.

Basically, the reason I throw that out there is that from what I can see in the video, Temkin really can’t handle a gun very well. I’m kind of embarrassed for him.  I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with not being a good shooter, it takes time and practice. I would never insult some random dude’s shooting who posted a video of himself for fun. But most mediocre shooters don’t try to pass themselves off as masters on the internet and then produce videos highlighting their mad skillz to sell. That makes them fair game for mockery.  

So here we go.

At 12 seconds in, Master Temkin demonstrates how to get the most from your ammo training budget.

At 14 seconds:  If you have shot your enemy in the abdomen more than seven times, and they still present a threat, you may want to rethink your target selection strategy. (hint, the vital organs are up here)

16 seconds: Target Ted “Hey, ouch, what the hell man? Quit poking me!” 

Okay, freeze frame and study this technique with me for a second. When being attacked by a vicious, murderous, killer. Gently place your off hand on their head, as if to tell them that everything is going to be okay. Then poke them really hard in the sternum with your gun, just to warn him where the bullets will be arriving momentarily. Don’t worry. At no point will the bad guy reach out and grab your firearm. Proceed to empty your gun into aforementioned bad guy.  Eat cake.

18 seconds: Freeze frame. Study that grip. Is his support hand putting any pressure on the gun at all? And this was a posed for the camera shot!  Imagine what his grip looks like when he’s under pressure. No wonder Master Temkin mostly shoots with one hand.

20 seconds: Oh, never mind.

22 seconds: That is your idea of lateral movement? Stick your gun directly into the bad guy’s reach, and then sway back and forth rhythmically? Is that to hypnotize him?

Target Ted “I would totally snatch your gun away… yet… I’m strangely fascinated by your rhythmic swaying.”

26 seconds:  Study this technique behind the amazing Troma-level special effects of the title.  You’ve got a bad guy several feet away. So you extend your gun out and walk toward them while cranking off rounds. For some inexplicable reason, you start low, and gradually work your way up to the vital organs, and then shoot them in the brain, which is a vital organ on most people who didn’t vote for Obama.

I’m noticing a theme, and we’re less than half a minute in. If you can’t shoot good, get real close!

Uhm… Master Temkin. I carry a gun because I don’t want to get real close the to the person trying to murder me. Isn’t that a little counterintuitive?

34 seconds: Target Ted “Dude, why do you have to be such a douche?”

42 seconds: Master Temkin “Because **** you is why, Ted! Take that!”

1:02  You know, if you used those little square things on the top of your gun, you could hit stuff from further away… I’m just sayin’.  

1:22 “Where the hell is my holster? Why can’t I get my gun back in the holster?”   A sure sign of expertise is when you can’t get your gun back into the holster.

1:33 Target Ted “Hey, quit thumping me! Why are you such a bully? This is the worst summer job ever.”

1:50 Okay, did you catch that? Now if Master Temkin’s techniques were actually done at that BRRRRP speed, then we might have something here. But instead, he’s pathetically slow.  No, seriously. I could take an average person that’s never shot a gun before, and after one day of instruction, they would be able to draw, take a two handed grip, move AWAY from the bad guy, AIM and successfully engage a target faster than Temkin’s What The ****?! Technique of getting closer to the source of murder while ballistically masturbating.

2:00 Aaaaannnnd… HOLD!  You’ve got to keep the gun there for a second. Just to let the bad guy know that he’s been Pwned like a little bitch! If Chow Yun Fat had just executed that technique, doves would have flown by in slow motion.

2:25  So the explanation of why I begin by wasting several rounds and seconds by shooting them in the abdomen instead of the heart is… huh?

2:41 That is not a quick draw by any means. Sadly, anybody who has shot one or two IPSC matches could draw, AIM, and hit a target at about three times the distance in the same time that Master Temkin does without aiming at bad breath distance.

I thought the whole point of Point Shooting was for speed?

What do you think the look on his face would be if the gun came out, and as he was sticking it out there the bad guy knocked it away? Heh. That would be hilarious.  And if you don’t think that could happen, please go do some force on force training, or role-playing, where instead of a rubber man with no arms, the target is a 6’5” 300 pound hyper-aggressive James Gandolfini look-alike.  The first time somebody removes your rubber gun from you, that whole “charge up and shoot the guy” loses some of its appeal.

I loved role-playing a villain in classes. I was totally the best psycho-rapist-kidnapping-lunatic-murderer EVER.

3:08 Ooooh. Multiple targets. This is good stuff.  Listen to his explanation of how idiotic police instructors are, by massively over exaggerating normal techniques. Then he proceeds to demonstrate his superior technique, by SLOWLY engaging two targets, by getting closer to them. 

You know, if my entire strategy was to just get close enough to hug my enemies, I think I’d just carry a meat cleaver instead of a gun.

4:17 Word of advice, Temkin. From one big man to another, avoid the unflattering polo shirts if you’re going to be recording a Paladin Press video.

4:20-4:26 A very leisurely shooting of six rounds into two targets.

Target Ted “I would so totally attack him if I had arms!”

Target #2 “Back off man, this is my moment to shine!”

4:30-4:34 We’re cooking now!  Yee Haw!  This was the best part of the entire video!

Sooooo… This is the technique you want to use if you are attacked by two elderly, unarmed ladies, who are unable to turn their Larks fast enough to escape your wrath. (The turning radius on the Lark is pathetic). 

4:40 Again. Oh, wait. That’s slow motion. I couldn’t tell.  It is fascinating to watch the wet noodle fish grip technique exercised by Master Temkin.  My ten year old has a firmer shooting grip.   

4:53 HOW TO ORDER! Because I don’t know about you, but I really can’t wait to get another 90 minutes of a large man, clumsily drawing his gun, before leisurely swaying back and forth as he shoots entire magazines of ammunition into a static target a foot away!

Let’s see what the publisher, Paladin Press, has to say. As usual, they’re in italics. I’m in bold.  

Most gunfights involving an armed civilian occur within the range of zero to three feet. My gosh! And if they’re not, you better run up there and get that close!  At that close-quarter distance, you’re not going to have the room or opportunity to push the gun out, get on the sights, and fire a perfect double-tap into your assailant’s “X-ring.” Uhm… Yes, because doing that would be soooooo much harder and more dangerous than walking slowly toward your target. So how do you end the threat, even at contact distance, without shooting yourself or someone you didn’t mean to?  Because not aiming makes not shooting people much easier!  In this video, firearms expert snort Matthew ”Stephen Segal Mountain Tiger” Temkin teaches you how to get man-stopping accuracy BWA HA HA HA HA at that critical close range using total target focus, also known as point shooting also known as handing your gun to the enemy while you spasmodically jerk the trigger. Taught point shooting by Col. Rex Applegate and the artist formerly known as Prince himself, Temkin shows you how to transform your body’s natural startle reflex when confronted with an immediate lethal threat into a method of close-quarter gunfighting suitable for military, police ,pizza delivery, porn star, farming dairy goats, or civilian application. Temkin emphasizes point shooting’s practicality by teaching the fundamentals: one- and two-handed shooting, burst shooting, turns and pivots, the combat drawstroke, proper targeting, and much more. This program won’t supplant aimed fire from behind cover, Dur, really? but is an invaluable part of any combat shooter’s arsenal.

In the spirit of fairness, and to cleanse your pallet, here is me during one of George Hill’s pistol classes.

Keep in mind, I’d rank myself as good, but no super shooter by any means. We’re starting at the same distance as Master Temkin. Only when George yells “Threat!” we move AWAY from the bad guy trying to inflict murder on us, while using our sights.  Out of three hundred rounds fired that day, I only missed  a handful of shots, and none on this drill.

So let’s see. I got my gun out in half the time, put just as many bullet holes in the bad guy, while moving in the direction to make me more likely to not die, and I AIMED…  Gee whiz. I should get me a snazzy polo shirt and make videos for Paladin Press!  (I did drop my head to reholster, but I’d picked up that crappy $10 nylon holster that morning because my regular holster had accidently been packed into storage for the move).

Remember Temkin’s rhythmic swaying back and forth version of shooting on the move? Here is me again, same pistol class.  With a performance that I’m frankly embarrassed with, but I was massively out of practice. This was the first time I’d shot in several months (and I got fat!).  I missed once, and totally flubbed it and didn’t hit the slide stop after the reload.  Yet… I AIMED, even while moving back and forth while the instructor yelled directions at me, (on the Back, the reason I kinda went sideways was because I didn’t want to get ahead of the other active shooter on the line, too many years as an RO has made that an automatic response on my part!).  Yet, I sill shoot better than Master Mountain Tiger, and I’m comparatively NOT THAT GOOD!  I’d have Paladin Press edit out the parts where I didn’t look perfect.

Jeez. I just had a thought. Those were Temkin’s promotional videos. That means those were the highlights. I’d love to see the takes that ended up on the cutting room floor.

You want to see a good shooter? These are good competitors doing a standard El Prez drill.  But Master Temkin doesn’t like competition, because it isn’t realistic enough.  I don’t even know who the first two guys are.

Okay, sure, those are competition guys, and Master Temkin would say they’re using “trick” guns. (hint, Travis Tomasi would beat your slow ass with a pointy stick). Here’s a true “Master” using a boring old Glock. (and he’s aiming)  One personal digression. I did once beat Dave Sevigny’s time on a single event, at one tiny moment in time, on a simulator, but only because I had been the guy running the simulator at SHOT all day, and had shot that particular drill about a hundred times, but I’ll take it!

I’m not even against point shooting. There’s a place for it. Like when you’re attacked and the bad guy is right in your face. I’m a big fan of the speed rock, and do a presentation where basically you go to the speed rock every single time you dray your gun. But for anything outside of inside-an-elevator distance, I’m going to a two handed grip, and aiming.  Plus with a speed rock, I’m keeping my gun in tight and away from the bad guy, not handing it to them so they can kill me better. If I’m going to take the time to extend my arm, I can aim.

Here’s the ultimate example of point shooting vs. aiming. Though fictional, it is a great demonstration. (and even legal until the execution bit) The famous, Yo Homie Is That My Briefcase.  Here’s the first random dude I found on Youtube searching for speed rock. Sadly most searches for Speed Rock bring up hair metal bands.

While you’re on Youtube in the shooting video section, you can click any random link of any random bozo on there, and odds are that they’ll be smoother than Matthew Temkin.

Basically, if you’re going to sell your technique on the internet, you should probably practice first.

More Grimnoir art from Zach Hill

More Grimnoir artwork from Zach Hill.  Just imagine this small, on the paperback. Yep, we’re going old school adventure pulp, baby.


Diary of an Unhinged Imbecile by nickwolf, with special commentary by Larry Correia

As a conservative blogger, I get a lot of hate mail. I know that may totally shock you, since everybody knows liberals are filled with love (and if you cut one, only rainbows fly out; do not try this at home).   Normally when I get something really vapid and asinine, I just delete it rather than let it clutter up my blog. As you’ve all seen, when I get a blog comment that I disagree with, but it is at least intelligent (or spelled correctly) I’ll leave it. I actually enjoy disagreeing with smart people.

I got this one the other day from somebody named nickwolf (no space, because he was too angry to hit the space bar). My first clue that it was crap was because it was posted to which is a year old. Second, it is almost a thousand words long.  Everything I write is long, but I get paid to write stuff, so I type about as fast as I think. But nothing says crazy like a thousand word unintelligible screed posted to a year old blog post… Well, making a woman suit from human skin does scream crazy a bit more, but I do tend to use a lot of hyperbole.

I was going to delete this, but it was just too awesome to not share. The original *missive* is in italics. As usual, my comments will be in bold.  Now, please gentle readers of the Monster Hunter Nation, let us enjoy together:


Morons who can’t think, can’t debate, can’t add! He said to the professional accountant. Want to bring back the same people who’s ?? entire failed philosophy has been proven false and will continue to debase and ruin our society and economy. They keep trotting out the same provenly (Provenly, a flavor of cheese from Belgium) useless and dangerous cures for the same problems that almost killed us. Keep in mind that at this point, I still don’t know what his point is. This is the definition of insanity No, that would be this message that you posted and why Americans are not free. They fold to the big corporations everytime…..unable to add or think for themselves….they deserve what stupid gets…..poverty! 

I’m a little confused. But it continues.

Backing the same filth that caused this mess and try to stop the repairs at every turn. This was my first hint as to his point. I should have known that the dastardly George Bush would somehow be involved. They want the economy to be bad so they block its recovery at every turn….and you want to vote them back in?? Whew! Okay, two paragraphs in and I finally know what he’s talking about! We saw what their philosophy brings…destruction of the middle class. 1.3 Trillion oh don’t worry, I’ll address this softball pitch added to the deficit with tax cuts to the rich. And you want to continue that policy?? The tax cuts? Since I’m now “rich”, hell yeah I do!  and hope magically that the deficit won’t go up again? AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN…LEARN TO ADD! Correia looks at the accounting degree on the wall of his finance office and, puzzled, scratches his head.

Do you want a common sense doctor to operate on your brain ….. How many ellipses do you need? Three is standard, but five shows you mean business! or a 15 yr college degree surgeon with 12 yrs experience. Like the ones that all didn’t want the healthcare bill to pass? Do you hire a cheerleader (Palin) to run a 21st Century Superpower…. or an Intellectual like our founding fathers….like President Barak Obama??  No. Really? Man, this is comedy gold.

The founding fathers were all educated men….these moronic righties are proof that democracy does not work.
Yep. The founding fathers were educated men. That’s why they didn’t create a democracy. They created a constitutional republic. Idiot.  Wait……… Idiot. (I see your 4 periods and raise you 7! That’s better)

Let them secede, give them their own state…
Oh, God, please, yes. they will soon live in caves and eat their own kind. Naw. Too fatty from all that red meat. Tired of paying the Souths taxes (hey, Nick, that would be south’s, as in possessive) ( they pay a net negative federal tax, progressive States pay them) That old myth is false, and the only way you get it is 1. Counting the federal defense budget money because there are more military bases in red states. 2. Federal lands gobbling up the west. 3. In the south, mandated federal liberal social programs dating back to LBJ that have tried to wreck places like Birmingham and Atlanta.  

Tired of hearing their old tired rants about freedom…. while they suck the behind of every corporation in America that cheats them daily. Wait. Who bought GM? What administration is employing more former corporate lobbyists than any other in history?

America is not a Stalinist country…it is not Communist …
Never said it was. That’s what we would like to prevent no matter how often and for how many yrs ( at least 60 yrs) Republicrats have been yelling it!! IT NEVER HAPPENED. The Great Society, the National Recovery Act, Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug benefits… The federal government redistributing wealth for social engineering purposes? Imagined the whole thing.

You must not know me very well.

Obama has already done more for them than any Republican President in history….thats a provable fact!
I’ll actually agree there. He’s done more to promote Marxist philosophy than any other president in history.

But they are too stupid and racist to know it or admit to it!
Yep. Got me. I’m racist against socialists. (just remember my one rule and you’ll be fine)

And don’t pretend that the John Birch Society, the KKK or White Supremacist groups in your Tea Party aren’t pathetic cowardly, Racists! Because they are! 
The exclamation point does not normally go in the middle of a sentence. And I’ve been to a couple of tea parties, where ironically I’ve seen blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, but I’ve never seen anybody in a white hood. Why stop there? The Tea Party also harbors Ming the Merciless, Satanists, head-hunters, and Cthulu. I saw that on Keith Olberman.


WE WILL FIGHT THEM TO THE DEATH….LIKE ALWAYS! Yep. He’s upset because nobody wants to debate him, right before he threatens to kill them. Which is ironic, since I’m on the side with the guns.  :D

WHAT UTTER NONSENSE. I DEAL WITH INDIA EVERY DAY…..THEY LOVE OBAMA! WHAT A STEAMING LOAD! I have no idea what this means. It’s funny if you read it out loud though, and shout every third word like you’ve got Tourette’s Syndrome. Seriously. I’ll wait while you try it.

Hilarious, huh?


WHAT A PATHETIC NO NOTHING! That would be Know, with a K.

Us Outsiders got to stick together. Dallas, Sodapop and me ain’t got no choice. Greasers forever!

You pretend to know about Socialism. You don’t. Man, reading that giant stack of history books was such a waste! We and the other Industrialized nations have used social safety nets to make a richer society. That doesn’t make us Socialists…but realists! That’s kind of like saying that you have sex with other men, but you’re not gay.

And to my gay readers, it was just an analogy! I love you guys too. Just not in that way.

The early British were examples of Colonial Fascists….they had a crap society. That produced the educated intellectuals he cited earlier. Nations who spend on education and social well being are not Socialists…just like Christian Social Justice is the bulwark of the bible. I thought it was to testify of Christ? These expenditures if properly implemented ….result in less crime, less people in jail, less poverty, more productivity and higher health standards for their countries. Interesting. A list of ideals without admitting the many flaws. There is a glimmer of cleverness. Perhaps I’ll actually be able to debate–You seem to be backing King George or Mussolini??  Oh, never mind.

STOP ALL THE IGNORANT FEAR MONGERING…FOR 50 YRS YOU AND YOUR TERMITE FRIENDS HAVE BEEN MAKING AMERICAN BROTHERHOOD COLLAPSE IN HATE….. WERE A CAPITALIST COUNTRY. Nickwolf has no time for contractions! OBAMA IS NOT CHANGING THAT. No. Of course not. The government should totally own over half the economy in a capitalist society. That whole thing where the government took over the insurance, banking, finance, auto, and medical industry in the last couple years… Not socialist at all.

WE MUST GET A HANDLE ON WHAT’S BRING US DOWN…..STOP GETTING IN THE WAY…..YOU HAVE NO IDEAS, YOU ARE PATHETICALLY USELESS…….DEBATE ME IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR HAT HANDED TO YOU! If you could focus long enough to string two coherent thoughts together in a row, that might be possible.

And I’m not handing you your hat. I’m handing you your head.


Kensian Economics is a fact, even Reagan knew this, apparently you don’t!! You mean Keynesian? Yes. I took a class on it in college. Booooooring. Not a fan. 

JESUS DOESN’T AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAY…. You know it is bad when you’ve got somebody citing Jesus, Marx, and Obama in one tirade. DOES THAT MAKE YOU THE DEVIL. ?? Actually, that would be M. Night Shyamalan.

SO WHENS THE DEBATE? … KARL MARX MY ___S  He actually inserted the underscore. I’m not sure what the word was. Karl Marx my Shorts? Karl Marx my Homies?  

“Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex.”  Usually when you quote somebody, you might want to say where it came from. A quick check with Google reveals that this quote comes from Grimace. (and the internet is never wrong)

Commie Purpelo

 He was a well known Trotskyite.

Does this mean every American Woman is a Marxist ?
and womans voting rights were marxist??? 
The logical progression of that actually hurt my brain.

……Your acting the fool!! 
Know! You’re….. (I’m trying to talk his language)

My Dad took socialism at Ohio State in 1938 … it’s a political subject….does that make him a Marxist? No. But it makes him very old.

AMERICANS! STAND UP TO THESE PATHETIC LITTLE FEAR MONGER!  I’ve never been accused of being little before. I have to shop at the XL Casual Male Outlet.  I do love me some Mongering though.

Let’s see Republicans losing 750,000 jobs a month times 4
That would mean President Obama should be losing 3 million jobs per month? ACCORDING TO YOUR STATEMENT. 
I was confused, but couldn’t find where I made that statement, so now he’s apparently arguing with Larry Correias from other dimensions.

Instead Jobs went to a plus 200,000. Thats about 600 % better!  Holy crap! Am I talking to Joe Biden? Did Joe Biden get liquored up and angry-drunk post on my blog?

WHY CAN’T REPUBLICRATS DO MATH???? Why can’t socialists use proper grammar???? Kind of a rhetorical question, don’t you think?

IT WOULD BE HIGHER IF YOUR ILK DIDN’T OPPOSE EVERY ATTEMPT AT RECOVERY….. FOR POLITICAL GAIN!! I can almost see nickwolf as he types this with two fingers, spittle flying from his lips, face all red, as he pounds away.

REPUBLICANS OPENED UP THE CHINESE CAN OF WORMS WITH NIXON AND THE WALMART FAMILY. Jesus, Marx, and Walmart. We’ve reached a whole new level of crazy.


I believe the term is pwned.


I’m against excessive government spending, whether it is republican or democrat, but I’m especially against spending for stupid crap.

THATS THE FACTS If you can’t read and you only watch the regular news

THE SURPLUS CAME UNDER THE DEMOCRATS! Yep. The legendary “peace dividend”. Once again, you can’t really argue with somebody who has no concept of historical continuity.

REPUBLICRATS WASTED ALL OF IT AND MORE! Building up a military for the cold war = Waste. Giving money to ACORN for Guatemalan sex slaves = Good.

BUSH WANTED YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY INVESTED IN THE STOCK MARKET!! Because it is so much better off the way it is. THINK OF WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA IF HE HAD GOTTEN HIS WAY….. A failed socialist policy of FDR might have been solvent for a couple more years?


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a look into the eyes of crazy. Kids, this is why you don’t huff paint.

More Grimnoir Art

Here are some more interior artwork items for my upcoming novel, Hard Magic.  These are done by the very talented Zachary Hill.  He’s limited to working in black and white, with simple drawings that will still translate well into the small illustrations of a paperback.  These are going to be shrunk down quite a bit. I think he’s really captured the noir/pulp/adventure retro-cool vibe of a magical 1932. 

Zach’s also a novelist, and is currently submitting his novel Gorgon to publishers.  I really appreciate the work that he’s done on this project.



Blog housekeeping

I’m going to be trying to clean up some stuff here on Monster Hunter Nation.  Check the About Me tab and the Novels tab.  I’ve updated both of those today.

On the About Me, I’ve had a bunch of people bug me for more info there , rather than the little tiny blurb I had, but I’m afraid I went a little nuts and put my life story. That is a perfect example of why I can’t seem to write a book shorter than 600 pages.

I’m thinking I’m going to go clean up the Fiction page and maybe put together something with all the Ask Correia posts, as soon as I can figure out how to embed links on WordPress to make it pretty.

Movie Review: Inception

So last night I hooked up with some friends and went to watch Inception.

Okay, right off the bat, I loved it. Inception was great. Hell, I bought the soundtrack off of Itunes and I’m listening to it now. 

I’ll try to be spoiler free, but I can’t promise anything. In fact, there will be spoilers, so don’t read any further. Just know that it was really good, and go watch it.

The plot is about a group of thieves who break into people’s dreams to steal ideas. This time they are hired to go even deeper, to plant an idea. I heard somebody out there just say  “Oh, that’s just Dreamscape…” Duh. No. Move along.  

The script is smart. The characters are plausible. The acting is uniformly excellent. The effects are remarkable. The action is clever. The writing is tight.  It is beautiful to look at. Every last bit of Inception is well done.

Nolan takes a sci-fi idea, sets the rules, and runs with it. He explores the various aspects of this idea, and then has a whole lot of fun with it.  The physics bending action scenes were especially remarkable.

And for the record, when you get to the gravity shifting fight scenes, and then you read Hard Magic, (which comes out May 2011, but you can preorder it on Amazon now) just remember that I wrote that, sold it, and even posted snippets BEFORE this movie came out.  When you get to certain scenes in Hard Magic involving a gravity altering “Heavy”, you’ll be like, hey, Larry Correia totally ripped off Inception. Check the dates…  But I’ll be ready for the inevitable backlash of angry housewives leaving snarky comments on Amazon.

There is a bit involving the levels of dreams, and the time dilation effect compared to the real world. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was a really well executed concept.

Beyond the eye candy and the groovy effects, Inception has a heart. I’m not usually a big DiCaprio fan, not that I don’t think he’s a fine actor, but I often feel like he’s very technically proficient, but his characters lack feeling. I don’t connect with DiCaprio’s characters very often.   In this case, that emotional distance works really well for the character, and as a father, the bits about him and his children hit you right in the gut, but not in the usual trite Hollywood tear jerker way.

One thing you might not think about, but the soundtrack is wonderful, but it was by Hans Zimmer, so it is to be expected. I collect movie soundtracks, mostly because I write to music, and Hans Zimmer can do no wrong. I’m listening to the Inception soundtrack as I write this. I’ve also got his work from Blackhawk Down, the Last Samurai, and the Dark Knight. The dude is just good.

This is easily the best movie I’ve seen this year. I can’t say it is the “most fun movie Evar!” but it is deep enough that you’ll be thinking about it afterward, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Sadly, there was one downside. I will now have to give up one of my current science fiction novel projects, because it is just a little too close for comfort.  Except mine was a more realistic take on the dream state.  I’ve put a few scenes below for example:

Excerpts from Larry Correia’s Enterception

From page 23:  The mastermind made his offer. “I don’t need to steal an idea, Mr. Correia, I need you to plant one.”

“It won’t be easy, but it can be done. Their brains may explode. Last time I tried this… well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Exploding heads seldom are. Have you ever seen Scanners?”

“Exploding heads are a risk I’m willing to take,” he said.

“Who’s the target.”

“An executive at FOX.”

I nodded. “I see… And what is the idea you want my team to plant?”

Joss Whedon frowned. “That they never should have cancelled Firefly.”

“I’m in.”


From page 347:  I approached the FOX executive. “I’m here to help you. I’m the subconscious manifestation of your need to be secure. I am your enterceptionator.  We’re in a dream, and interceptors are coming to get your brain,” I stated. “This is all a dream.”

“Dream?” The FOX executive looked at me.  “Is that why you’re not wearing any pants?”

Damn it, not again. 


From page 426:  The dream world was collapsing around us. “Why is it raining cattle?” the beautiful woman asked.

“My subconscious is really messed up. ” I answered as we ran to get out of the terrible cow storm. I narrowly avoided a Holstein as we made it to shelter.

“No kidding. Why is your suit made of bacon?” she asked, scowling.  “Wait a second… Am I naked? Why am I naked all of a sudden?”

“Quit judging me!”


So as you can see, even though mine is more realistic, I will have to give up on this project. Damn you, Chris Nolan.  This happened once before, with my epic backwards novel Larry Correia presents Monumento. Oh, but I’m ahead of the game now, Nolan.  Unless your next project involves robotic battle-manatees travelling through time to fight ghosts, this time I’ll get to market first. Ha!

I’m collaborating with The John Ringo

The other day on Facebook I mentioned that I had some big news from the writing front. Well, I got permission to blab. (after I had my fanboy geek-out moment of course).

I’m going to be collaborating with John Ringo on a science fiction/space opera series. I can’t give any other details out yet, except that it will be awesome.  

This is a great opportunity. I’ve been reading John’s stuff for years, and I’m really looking forward to writing these with him.

Well, look what just showed up on Amazon

Nick Sharp just posted about this in another thread on here. This was the first I knew. This is also the first time I’ve seen the cover.

EDIT:  I just found out that this is not, I repeat, this is not the final cover. This was just a place holder.   Whew!

And if you don’t know what it is, here are the sample chapters:

Chuck Dixon’s new Joe Frankenstein

I’m a comic book fan, and I’m a fan of Chuck Dixon. He’s a reall well known writer in that field. (he wrote Batman for a long time and invented Bane, to give you an idea).  Currently he is doing the GI Joe (which is actually really good, I’ve been picking those up) , the A-Team, and the Expendables.  As a plus, I enjoy the Dixonverse, and I like supporting other writers who aren’t afraid to let people know they’re conservatives.

He’s got a new project that looks pretty cool.  I am a monster geek. Check it out. 

He’s doing this as an indy, and is preselling to raise funding. Here are the details:

Attention Russian speakers, I need some help for Monster Hunter Alpha

Okay, I need some translation. I need the Russian word as it would be written with English characters.  (phonetically perhaps?) The internet translators aren’t very helpful when it tells me the translation = Backwards R-Squiglly line-upside down Q-Happy face, or whatever weird letters those folks use.

I need the following:


Animal (as in a wild animal)

Or something else along those lines if it happens to sound cool.


The F Bomb.

Equivelent to whatever you’d say when you look up and realize you’re about to get hit by a snow plow, which may very well be one of the two above.

Whatever a really awful insult is. Like you’d call somebody if you really really hated their guts. (this person doesn’t particularly like Earl Harbinger very much if you get my drift)

Thanks. The Japanese and German translations I got for Grimnoir off the Monster Hunter Nation were perfect. Russian should go well I hope. Next up, Swahili!


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