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There has been a lot of really interesting stuff going on lately.


Senator Robert Byrd died the same day that the Supreme Court said that a black man could own a gun. Coincidence?  (shamelessly stolen from Michael Z. Williamson). Some people got mad at me for my post after Ted Kennedy died. Apparently I was insensitive, (who me?) but like I said then, if you’re a complete scumbag when you’re alive, you don’t turn into a saint the second they put you in the ground.

The media coverage of Byrd has been so positive that at first I’d thought maybe some monk who raised orphaned puppies by the same name had passed away. But nope, it was that same piece of crap that recruited people for the KKK.  One report said that he was a “champion of civil rights.” I know that may make your head hurt, but remember my first rule of racism. If a liberal does it, it can’t be racist. Anything a conservative does is automatically racist. Mark my words, a couple of years from now, a Republican will say something nice about Robert Byrd, and the press will run him out of office for supporting a racist hate monger.

Just in case you need a refresher.

Republican uses the word “macaca” (and I don’t even know what the hell that is. It’s like calling somebody a “chuwero” )  = RACIST and unelectable.

Democrat was a recruiter for the KKK = NOT RACIST so elect him for 42 years.

You know though, as much as I complain about the current congress, during this last session we’ve lost Kennedy, Murtha, and the Grand Wizard. I’m strangely okay with this. I may be insensitive, but I’d rather be insensitive than a socialist.

Meanwhile, the Gulf of Mexico is still filling with oil. Don’t worry though, because the federal government is on the scene to make sure that none of the skimmer boats are improperly tagged or lack sufficient fire extinguishers (per regulation 18-765-C-subparagraph 4), no sand bars were built without proper environmental impact studies being performed first, and no union jobs were threatened by volunteers from foreign nations. The only jobs that will be lost are all of the rest of them because Obama’s response was to shut down the other industries in the area that hadn’t exploded.

Two months into the crisis and Obama’s total response consisted of telling Matt Lauer he was going to kick somebody’s ass, just before he violated the Constitution to steal a company’s money without due process, went golfing six times (no, seriously), and is pushing cap & trade. (because that’s gonna do what, exactly?) Just remember everyone, the federal government under George Bush didn’t evacuate the entire city of New Orleans within 24 hours of Hurricane Katrina because he hated black people or he was incompetent (I can’t keep all of these straight). Look, I don’t expect, nor want, the federal government to be the response to everything, but the double standard gets a little silly sometimes.

The Supreme Court came through again, (usual 5 vs 4) and told Mayor Daly and the city of Chicago to suck it. Their idiotic gun ban was struck down. This is very good news. Even though it doesn’t mean the control freaks will stop pushing this stuff, but it is another nail in their coffin. I first became political because of the gun issue. I was a young gun nut during the Clinton years. Things were much bleaker then. We’ve made a lot of strides in the gun rights arena since then.

Elena Kagan/Kevin Smith (oh, when will they stop living the lie?) is still going through the senatorial dog and pony show necessary to nominate her/him to the Supreme Court. It is so boring that Al Franken is sleeping through it. Why do we even do these things? They just get up there and lie, “Oh, I respect all the amendments! Oh, I just love the military!” Then they get their lifetime appointment of Constitution raping. (in his last case, Stevens actually argued that it is okay to infringe a right, as long as it has been infringed for a long time, because then the right has been “redefined”) Well, I suppose the hearings are worth something, because if it hadn’t been for Sotomeyor, I would never have been able to start calling myself a Wise Latino, and that just cracks me up.


It turns out that while America is busy trying to turn into Big Dumb Canada, other nations are still In It To Win It. A Russian spy ring was caught, and this is shocking because Putin seems like such a nice guy. These people were in deep, and judging by the Facebook pictures, some were Bond-Girl level hot. That’s old school espionage right there. I can respect that.

I’ll say this for Russia. I’ve actually got more respect for Vladamir Putin than I do for Barack Obama. Now don’t get me wrong. Putin is super-villain evil. I’m not saying he’s good in any way, but I can respect ruthless strength. Barack Obama is a flailing pansy in comparison. Putin takes his shirt off to skin bears. Obama holds Paul McCartney concerts. Putin has executed dissidents and kung-fu fought MI-6 agents in a secret volcano base. Obama gets cranky and whines whenever people dare question him. Putin uses his cyborg laser eye to vaporize people who dare question him, and then he goes back to his harem of sexy KGB seductresses with codenames like Iron Maiden and Black Widow. Sadly, Russia’s leader would kick our leader’s ass in a fight, and that’s just sad.  They’ve got the final boss fight from a Chuck Norris movie and we’ve got Steve Urkel.

Meanwhile, a bunch of left wing hoodlums are burning stuff at the G-20, just like they do. Every. Single. Year.  Why is it that the media is so deathly afraid of us right wingers being violent, though we hardly ever are, yet lefties and socialists shut down a city for a week every year and nobody notices because it’s so ho-hum. It’s probably because if a single local Tea-Party got into a mood we could overthrow a small country. My side doesn’t screw around. When we get violent, we go big or we go home. I see your trash can through a store window and raise you a Barrett M-82, hippy.


We’ve got our move in date for our house. We’re now one month away from getting out of this damn tiny apartment. I’m pretty sure that my kids will each claim a room of their own and then lock the door for a week. I’m cool with that.

I’ve got LibertyCon next week in Chattanooga. Sadly, when I booked our flights months ago, the LibertyCon website had listed the wrong dates. (I even printed them out, so I’ve got proof!). So in order to not miss ¾ of the event I was flying out there for, I contacted Travelocity to see about changing Mrs. Correia and my return flights back a single day.

After penalties, and the price increase for the next cheapest flight on that date, they wanted an additional $1,900.  No. That is not a typo.  For those of you who’ve read Monster Hunter Vendetta, I warned you about gnomes. Apparently the Travelocity gnome is a viscous little bastard too.  I ended up cancelling the whole thing, taking a penalty, but getting some credit for future flights, and then bought new tickets for about double what I paid for the original ones a couple of months ago, and it was still cheaper than having Travelocity switch me. Friggin’ gnomes.

I’ve got requests for more Tom Stranger and a couple other Ask Correia (both of which are surprisingly popular). I’m working on it, but I’m also cranking along trying to get done with Monster Hunter Alpha. The last four months in this tiny apartment, where I’ve got crap for a workspace, has been hell on my production. My daily word count average is about half of what it was when I had an actual office. I think you guys are really going to like MHA though, because though it is a MH book, it isn’t an Owen book, so it certainly has a different flavor. Then I’m excited to get to work on the 2nd Grimnoir novel, and if I can pull it off, I’d like to try to squeeze in a standalone (the Africa book) before I start on Monster Hunter Legion.

And I got these guys mailed finally! (pic by Miguel)


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