11 Responses to Hey, you guys want to go bomb NPR for me?

  1. Old Windways says:

    Nominated with pleasure. Now if only the the sequel would come out in the dead tree version so that I could take it to the beach…

  2. RainyDayNinja says:

    Done and done. By the looks of the comments, some other authors (Nevada Bar, Jim Butcher, Ted Dekker, Ted Mooney) may have had the same idea.

  3. Sean says:

    I have recently found Monster Hunter International at my local library. I like what I have read so far (the entire book, and everything linked in your “My Fiction” page) , and I would nominate you, but it looks like you’ll get plenty of nominations without my help. I especially liked what I read in the sample chapters of Hard magic. Because of those sample chapters, I’m planning on buying all of your books, as soon as I get the money.

  4. mcbrian says:

    I think lots of the regular NPR crowd are huddled in corners having hissy fits. I gotta say I was bummed that you weren’t actually trying to get someone to bomb NPR.

  5. Ratus says:

    Sure, just gotta… oh wait, you meant on the intarwebz..


  6. Nick Sharps says:

    Hahaha whoa. The title of the post completely caught me off guard. But yeah I’ll help out.

  7. bittergeek says:

    You had me with just the title. Actually clicking on NPR’s icky website to vote is possible, too, if not nearly so much fun. I just hope none of their nasty progressive-elitist bits and bytes stick to my browser and cause it to suddenly point to Kos or Andrew Sullivan. Maybe I’ll surf a bunch of gun-babe sites afterward just to maintain the balance.

  8. Heath J says:

    Careful what you ask us for.. Some of us simple folk take things a bit too seriously..

  9. rudy meyer says:

    so… i’m just wondering. and really sorry about your balls. but i think you missed a tom strange Monday

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