The rough draft of DEAD SIX is done!

So Mike and I finally finished up the rough draft for Dead Six.  I kicked it over to my publisher today.

D6 hasn’t been sold yet, so this is a fingers crossed kind of thing. It is a thriller, and Baen is a sci-fi/fantasy publisher, so now it is up to Toni to decide if this novel fits in. However I’ve got a few things in my favor. Baen had great success with John Ringo’s Ghost, and then went on to do his entire Paladin of Shadows series. Dead Six is in the same genre as the Kildar. Plus Baen is also publishing Tom Kratman’s Countdown, which I’ve not read yet, but I understand is a contemporary military thriller, rather than mil sf.  So there’s that.

Secondly, Dead Six is awesome. It’s got all the stuff you like about thrillers: action, suspense, intrigue, conspiracies, techno-whatzits, shootin’ and explodin’, without the brain numbing stupidity rampant in the genre. I won’t name any names, (because I’m actually at the point in my career where I’m meeting many of these authors in person, and they’re super nice, and some of them might be able to beat me up, or at least have their bodyguards beat me up), but there are some national bestsellers in this genre that are just bad. I mean awful, stupid bad.  Plots that don’t make sense, characters that suck, etc.

Dead Six on the other hand, is badass, rolled in awesome, coated in napalm, wrestling sharks and bears, with laser eyes, while riding on a tiger-striped velociraptor monster truck… Yes. It is that cool.


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