If you like B-Movies, you need this book

http://www.amazon.com/Golden-Age-Crap-B-Movies-Glory/dp/1452822204/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275944837&sr=8-1   The Golden Age of Crap, by Nathan Shumate.

I first met Nathan when we were on a panel about B-movies together at a Con. Now my regular readers know that I know B-movies, but I stood in awe of Nathan’s encyclopedic knowledge of crappy cinema. The man is amazing; like a walking catalog of movies about chainsaw cannibals, monster fish, and space aliens made out of trashbags.  He asked me if I would be one of his cover blurbs for his upcoming book, and after reading the early copy, I was happy to do so.  

I reread the final hardcopy this week. Golden Age of Crap is a remarkable look at a host of movies, some good, some bad, and some head-’splodingly awful.  Nathan’s reviews are snarky, funny, and always spot on.  He even reviewed bad movies that I had never heard of, and that is really saying something. 

GAoC is a great read. You should go check it out.

New MHI Patches for Sale!

Team Haven

Utah County – And this one looks better in real life than in the picture. It got kinda squished in this one. It is actually the same size/shape/color as the original MHI patch.

These patches are $5 each. (that covers shipping too).  The Buy Stuff tab has information about everything else I’ve got for sale if you want to stick these with something else. My Paypal is slg2qcorreia@yahoo.com that’s an L not an I in the first part. If you dont’ like Paypal (understandable), e-mail me and I’ll send you a mailing address. If you are international and you are just getting patches, stick another buck on there, since contacting the post office about shipping rates to every single country on Earth is time consuming. :)


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