I'm just shocked that the Israelis shot these guys. Shocked I tell you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LulDJh4fWI  Nope. That looks like “non-violent peace protestors” to me… Except for the whole beating a marine commando in the head with a pipe part.

Here’s a clue for protestors and the news media. If you beat a commando in the head, with a pipe, do not be surprised when you get shot. Friggin’ duh.

I love the news coverage though. They’re making it sound like Israel stood off and torpedoed a ship full of orphans.  Well, I guess we all know what the narrative is supposed to be.

You want to see a real peaceful protestor, who clanks when he walks?  I give you this guy:  http://thelawdogfiles.blogspot.com/2010/06/hoo-ah.html  If the IDF has an equivelent to OOOH-RAAAH! he certainly gets one.  Bonus points to the LAPD, who appeared fully ready to crack some friggin’ skulls in defense of the 1st Amendment.  

As an aside, I just found out that one of my Polish ancestor’s last names is Hebrew.  That grandma didn’t ever talk about her relatives at all.  I will try to confirm, because I love the fact that I might be a wise Jew-Latino. I would thereafter win every single argument on the internet, forever. I could argue with liberals and play not one, but TWO race cards!  My wife is part American Indian, which means that my kids could play THREE!  Holy crap! My kids could be Portuguese-Danish-Polish-English-Lithuanian-Indian-Jew-Mormons by way of the Azores, Mississippi, and North Africa!  The mind boggles! 

But I digress. If you have heard nothing on the news lately except how the Israelis are just a bunch of big mean bullies, go watch the first video. If that video had been a shoot or no shoot video for any police deparment in the country, then the guys with the pipes would have been eating lead real quick.

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  1. You’re a sick, sick man.

    But an evil genius all the same.

    And that pro-Israel has grapefruits. Steel clanging as he walks grapefruits.

  2. You are absolutely right about the “shoot / no shoot” video scenario. In fact, if that video showed up on our FATS machine and any of our officers were as slow to get on the trigger as the IDF was, he / she would be given a failing score!

  3. My personal point of view about Israel is that it should never have been created in the way that it was, not because I dislike Jews but simply because the way the state was first created was both stupid and bound to cause problems in the future. Way to go UN!

    Having said that I’m completely indifferent to the plight of the Palestinans. I just can’t find it in me to care about a bunch of oppressed people half the world away, it’s just not my problem.

    The thing I’m pissed off about though is the demonstrations here in NZ in support of the Palestinans. The peaceful protest part of it is fine but when you start burning flags you can just frag right off! I’m a liberal and I support the use of peaceful demonstration as the sign of a healthy democracy, but burning flags is some kind of third world bullshit!

    Do I fucking live in some third world hell hole? No I live in a civilised democracy where common decency says you don’t burn flags. If you have a problem with somebody you go and stand around outside their building with some hilarious signs and shout slogans at them then afterwards you head back home to get drunk and brag about how awesome you are.

    Fraging foreigners coming to my country with their flag burning. Makes me want to get my political party started so I can keep all that foreign crap out of NZ.

    Please excuse the swearing but I’m quite angry.

  4. The proper procedure for handling a blockade runner who resists is to stand off and sink them.

    They were damned lucky they surrendered as fast as they did.

    You’ll note that in today’s boarding of the “Rachael Corrie”, they had an IDF flotilla standing by, instead of just sending a helo full of commandos.

  5. Panticles: The 1948 war was started because the neighboring arab states were offended that a bunch of jews from Europe bought land and peacefully settled in British Mandate Trans-Jordan.

    The last thing they expected was to lose, apparently they couldn’t figure out that Holocaust survivors with bolt-action rifles were not about to let a bunch of third world asshole do to them what the Third Reich had failed to do.

    The arabs have started every war with Israel since then, and have lost every one of them. My only beef with their handling of these victories is their failure to deport Islamic troublemakers into what ever state they just finished defeating.

    Gaza and the West Bank should not have been left with any residents who were not citizens of Israel … Palis who wanted to stay should have become israeli arabs and accepted Israeli passports.

    • You may be right Kristopher, I’m not clued up enough on all the causes of the 1948 war to have a valid opinion on the matter.

      That’s the one thing I don’t understand, why the hell do the Arab nations suck so much at conventional warfare? Guerilla warfare they can do, but a straight up fight and they get their asses handed to them.

      With regards to the state of Israel deporting people I don’t understand that at all. Weren’t the people there already citizens of Palistine? Shouldn’t the Jewish people have just become Jewish Palestinians?

      • I’ve read a little bit about this. My understanding is that most muslim dominated middle east countries simply don’t trust their own military. Personal initiative is *highly* discouraged. There is very little “esprit de corps” if you will. One essay I read said that a good rule of thumb is that a colonel in an average middle eastern military has about as much authority as a sergeant would have in the U.S. military. Enlisted are viewed as cannon fodder and generally treated and trained accordingly.
        Also knowledge is generally treated as a valuable commodity. Why should I teach most of my subordinates how to properly maintain these vehicles? If they know how to do it why would they need me then? These attitudes are apparently pervasive in many middle eastern military hierarchies.

    • “The last thing they expected was to lose, apparently they couldn’t figure out that Holocaust survivors with bolt-action rifles were not about to let a bunch of third world asshole do to them what the Third Reich had failed to do.

      The arabs have started every war with Israel since then, and have lost every one of them.”

      Indeed. Remember that Islamic mythology already envisions a world where Islam and the Jews are at war (The Prophet’s campaigns were against Pagans and Jews who wouldn’t convert or submit) and Islamic theology implicitly promotes the idea that God is Arab and Arab culture (and thus Arab people) must replace all others.

      This race based Imperialism so impressed Hitler that he not only lavished praise on Islam in Mein Kampf but flew the Grand Mufti of Palestine into Germany, had him declared “Aryan” and used him to recruit Muslim SS units, who were the last to surrender in the war.

      Hitler’s writings are still best sellers in almost every Muslims country. The Arab animosity for Jews is deep seated and impossible at this point to suppress. The West must decide who they will support in the confrontation between Jews and those who want a second holocaust and I fear our “leaders” have already chosen.

      Sorry I’m a history nerd.

      • On a personal note I fragging hate Nazi’s and especially neo-nazi’s. The only good neo-nazi is a dead one. Kill ‘em all, the devil knows his own!

  6. Don’t use your Jewish ancestry to play the race card. Liberals hate Jews for some reason, almost as bad as many Muslims do. Yet many Jews are liberals, which is very confusing.

    • “Don’t use your Jewish ancestry to play the race card. Liberals hate Jews for some reason, almost as bad as many Muslims do”

      Oh, like that is going to deter our stalwart liberal, oops, I mean monster hunter?

      I’m sure that just gives him more opportunity to point out the error of their ways.
      I can just see David saying ‘Oppress this!”

      Throw some more gasoline on that fire why don’t you.


  7. The most delicious part is watching Helen Thomas — surely a monstrous-looking woman if there ever was one — being eaten alive by her own young in the D.C. press circle. Her sin? Telling the truth. Ergo, openly saying what everyone in the D.C. press circle believes anyway: that Israel’s enemies have every right to effect a Final Solution to the Israeli Question.

    I don’t follow the political spin cycle like I used to, but this dividend of the latest anti-Israeli dust-up is too beautiful to ignore. I only wish Helen could take down more people with her as her career implodes like Dan Rather’s.

    • (Shudder) Do they have to keep posting photos of Helen Thomas everywhere? Just what kind of eldtrich terror is she, anyway?

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