New patches are here!

I just got the Utah County MHI patches and Team Haven MHI patches.  I’ll get pictures up as soon as I can!  They look awesome. Yay!

I’ll be selling these soon. I’m going to have to bump them up to $5 instead of the regular $3 because I did them in a much smaller run. You guys are gonna flip when you see the walrus with the banjo.

Edit:  Just realized that both of my books were in the 5,000 range on Amazon today, which puts both of them in the top 100 of both Horror and Epic Fantasy. He he he.

I’m just shocked that the Israelis shot these guys. Shocked I tell you.  Nope. That looks like “non-violent peace protestors” to me… Except for the whole beating a marine commando in the head with a pipe part.

Here’s a clue for protestors and the news media. If you beat a commando in the head, with a pipe, do not be surprised when you get shot. Friggin’ duh.

I love the news coverage though. They’re making it sound like Israel stood off and torpedoed a ship full of orphans.  Well, I guess we all know what the narrative is supposed to be.

You want to see a real peaceful protestor, who clanks when he walks?  I give you this guy:  If the IDF has an equivelent to OOOH-RAAAH! he certainly gets one.  Bonus points to the LAPD, who appeared fully ready to crack some friggin’ skulls in defense of the 1st Amendment.  

As an aside, I just found out that one of my Polish ancestor’s last names is Hebrew.  That grandma didn’t ever talk about her relatives at all.  I will try to confirm, because I love the fact that I might be a wise Jew-Latino. I would thereafter win every single argument on the internet, forever. I could argue with liberals and play not one, but TWO race cards!  My wife is part American Indian, which means that my kids could play THREE!  Holy crap! My kids could be Portuguese-Danish-Polish-English-Lithuanian-Indian-Jew-Mormons by way of the Azores, Mississippi, and North Africa!  The mind boggles! 

But I digress. If you have heard nothing on the news lately except how the Israelis are just a bunch of big mean bullies, go watch the first video. If that video had been a shoot or no shoot video for any police deparment in the country, then the guys with the pipes would have been eating lead real quick.


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