Attempt to go to post office FAIL

I’ve got a bunch of packages (patches & books) that were supposed to go out, but I keep getting thwarted in trying to make it to the post office. I’ve been swamped.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  But as of tomorrow afternoon, everything has been ordered in the last month should be out the door.  Including my third attempt at sending a bunch of patches to Switzerland. You have not been forgotten. (Attempt 1. send books, forget patches.  Attempt 2. Fill out paperwork wrong. Patches get sent back to me.  Attempt 3. Patches go out again tomorrow!) 

And I was waiting on some of them because I managed to run out of patches again, and kinda sorta forgot to change my address with my patch guy, so UPS delivered them to the house that I sold a few months ago.  Whoops.  So I’ve got to go bug the lady I sold my house to, in order to get my patches. 

On the bright side I’ve got two new MHI patches coming. The winner of the patch contest (Utah) and the Sam Haven Walrus w/ Banjo.  Yay!

Holy sample chapters, Batman! 5 sample chapters from Monster Hunter Vendetta

I just noticed that on the page to order the eARC, you can read the 1st 5 sample chapters now.  It looks like they’re not totally formatted yet. (Italics seem to be missing) but they’ll get that tuned up pretty quick I’m sure.

Then if you like it, you can go ahead and get the whole darn thing now. I just paid way too much for a car repair, so order many many books.

Interview with Jason Cordova

I did an interview with author Jason Cordova yesterday.


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