Your humble scribe shooting stuff  From last weekend’s pistol class. For a 300 pounder, that’s as close as I’ll ever get to ballet. Only mine is a ballet of BULLETS.  Or Danger! Or something. I don’t know.  Okay, I’m not graceful, but most ballet dancers won’t shoot you 42 times either. (and out of 275 rounds, I only missed a handful of shots all day, so at least my accuracy was good).

Looking at that video though, I’ve really gotten rusty over the last year. Lack of practice has made me slow and clumsy.  And it is a mark of shame for an experienced shooter to have to look at his holster to put his gun away, but in my defense, all my good range equipment was accidently buried in storage for the move, so I was using a nylon POS Uncle Mike’s. Making it through the day with that floppy hunk of junk without shooting myself in the left = WIN.


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