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Amazing custom action figures – I want some

Dan Wells posted these to Facebook today. This guy makes custom action figures as a hobby.

I’m amazed. I want MHI custom action figures made. Then I need Grimnoir and Dead Six too.  Ryk Spoor, another Baen author, saw this, and right away started thinking of which characters of his he’d have done.  I don’t know if this guy realizes it, but he could probably make a really good living just off of authors. 

I wonder what he charges?  I grew up with GI Joe, having a complete Team Harbinger, would be like being eight years old again, only more awesome, and probably a whole lot more expensive.

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I love the figures on that site. I keep my eyes on them and like to see what he comes out with. The detail on them are absolutely AMAZING.


Wow, those are awesome. I love the Steampunk SW stuff, and the Victorian Avengers.


That Ewok is the coolest thing I have seen all day. He’s not cute, he’s angry, and he has a machete!


Not sure if he does commissions but if you want to try it yourself, the GIJoe figs are easy to partswap and has all the add ons you’d need (I am just a happy customer). does great work too and I have bought several from him. Hasn’t updated his site in about a year though. I think Jin Saotome is the best at it however and I know he is still doing them.

action figure

Yeah, I’ve seen his website before. He’s the guy who did the Samurai as Star Wars equivalents… pretty awesome stuff.


Those are amazing! I looked at the Dune ones quickly, and they all just perfectly captured the characters. (Well, maybe not Jessica. That breastplate thing is just silly on her.)

Nick Sharps

I would buy a complete set of MHI action figures. But what I want even more than that? Figures of Ringo’s Legacy of Aldenata. Mike O’Neal in his specialized ACS would be the best figurine ever. I would pay an enormous sum of money for that. Also a couple Posties and Mike Senior would make good collectibles.


First the movie… THEN the action figures…