Thanks, Rainy Day Ninja – MHI TV tropes is up

After the Wikipedia hullabaloo, reader Rainy Day Ninja started an MHI TV Tropes page.

He requested help from anybody else who wanted to link or fill it in. I’m all in favor of anything that gets me more readers. Yay!  Thanks, Rainy Day Ninja, and I apologize for killing so many of your ninja bretheren during the events of Hard Magic.

Amazing custom action figures – I want some

Dan Wells posted these to Facebook today. This guy makes custom action figures as a hobby.

I’m amazed. I want MHI custom action figures made. Then I need Grimnoir and Dead Six too.  Ryk Spoor, another Baen author, saw this, and right away started thinking of which characters of his he’d have done.  I don’t know if this guy realizes it, but he could probably make a really good living just off of authors. 

I wonder what he charges?  I grew up with GI Joe, having a complete Team Harbinger, would be like being eight years old again, only more awesome, and probably a whole lot more expensive.


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