America’s finest

Meet Tony, avid Monster Hunter International fan. This young man, serving in the US Air Force graduates today from NAVSCOLEOD, which is seriously an actual thing, known to most of us cake eating civillians as “Don’t cut the red wire! HUGE EXPLOSION! School”.  Though I have been told that they don’t actually get to cut any wires.

His friend Mike had this to say: “Despite his inability to build a stable mound of sand for his tool, Tony will become an EOD tech. He’s made it through one of the most academically challenging schools in the military.  Today, Tony will prance in front of the EOD Memorial like a proud little Shetland pony and receive his EOD crab.  Congratulations, Tony.  You finally got your standoff right.”

His girlfriend, Kelly added: “Mmhmm that’s my man… You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so so so so so so sooooooooooooo proud of you! Like THIS MUCH! I love you babe. Congratulations my Studly Studmuffin! ^^ “

And that my friends, is the only time ever, in the history of this blog, in which the words “Studly Studmuffin” have or will be uttered.

On behalf of the Monster Hunter Nation, congratulations Tony, and thank you for your service.


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