Update to the Update, there will be a MHV E-Arc from Baen

I just asked Toni Weiskopf if there was going to be an Early Advanced Reader Copy available from Baen for Monster Hunter Vendetta, and if so, when.

Her anwer was Yes and Soon.

For those of you who don’t know, the sequel to Monster Hunter International will be hitting bookstores in September (October release, but they always turn up a week or two early).  The Baen E-Arcs are reserved for books that are in high demand by eager fans. How it works is that you can purchase an early version E-Book online at the Baen store, and you can get the book months and months in advance of the actual release. 

They do cost a little more. Off the top of my head I believe a regular Baen e-book is like $6, and E-Arcs are like $12, but hey, you can be the first person on your block to read MHV, months before the luddites get their grubby caveman hands on a paper copy.  (which you should still purchase as well, just to round out the collection… the collection of my royalties that is, Bwa HA HA HA!)

For those of you who haven’t used Baen’s e-books yet, not only are they cheaper than other publishing houses, they will work on your Kindle or your Nook, they are DRM free. Which means that they don’t have a bunch of stupid copy protection nonsense on them.  Because as Jim Baen said, people don’t share books they don’t like.  Jim thought people were fundamentally honest and shouldn’t be preemptively treated like criminals.   http://www.baen.com/  Check out their free library too.  Hundreds of e-books, mostly sci-fi classics, all sitting there completely free.

Writing update

In between bouts of depression and panic, lately I’ve been getting a lot of writing done lately.  Monster Hunter Alpha, the third book in the series, (i.e. the Earl Harbinger big book of badassery) is coming along.  I’m about a third of the way through, but that’s okay, because the writing tends to go a lot faster once I’ve got all the ground work laid.  I think you guys are really going to enjoy this one.

The basic plot is that Earl gets a tip that his old nemesis (Stalin’s favorite werewolf) has arrived in northern Michigan, up to no good. It is a showdown of two really bad dudes trying to murder the hell out of each other. Only, in typical Corriea fashion, everything is a whole lot more complicated than you think it is, and there are other forces pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, Dead Six is about 90% done.  My co-author, Mike Kupari, will be back from active duty next month. His half of the book is mostly done except for a few scenes, and then we need to go through and do a ton of editing.  Long range editing wasn’t working nearly as well for us, so we’ll be able to sit down and get this bad boy finished right after he gets back.  

I’m excited to put Dead Six in front of my publisher. It isn’t up Baen’s usual alley, but it is similar in genre to John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows series, and Tom Kratman is also publishing a straight-up .mil thriller from Baen this year as well.  So D6 does actually fit better than expected at my sci-fi/fantasy publishing house.  Dead Six is an epic adventure, and I’m really excited for you guys to read it.

On that note, don’t forget that Monster Hunter Vendetta will be available in September. The e-book will be out sooner, but I’m not sure when exactly yet, though it shouldn’t be too much longer before the first quarter is posted over on Baen’s page for free. 

The Grimnoir Chronicles will be also begin in 2011, with the first book, Hard Magic.  On that note, I’ve decided that when TGC is inevitably made into a giant Hollywood movie, that Adam Baldwin (Jayne, Animal Mother, Agent Casey) should play the lead. The fact that he’s a perfect fit for the main character was pointed out to me by a member of Reader Force Alpha the other day, plus unlike most actors, he knows that the bullets come out the pointy end of the gun. So if any of you guys know Adam Baldwin, I’ll send him over the Word file. :)

Speaking of Hollywood, yes, Monster Hunter International was looked at by several studios, and actually went really far up the decision chain to the boss of bosses at one of the majors. However nothing new has happened there in some time, and I blame Will Smith… No, seriously.  He’s currently making a movie called Monster Hunters (no relation). I guess it is a family comedy where he plays a child psychologist who discovers that the monsters under kid’s beds are real.  Hey, that’s a great pitch, but it is no match for “Accountant kills the crap out of everything with big guns, saves the world by face-punching monsters to death, and gets the girl”.  

So the current plan is to continue work on Alpha, finish D6, and then I’ll either be working on TGC 2 or MHI 4 (back to Owen’s PoV), plus I’ve got a stand alone sci-fi/adventure/reality show involving overthrowing a country that I want to work on.


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